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The Y Combinator and Stanford Startup Schools offer free resources and support to entrepreneurs worldwide, promoting innovation and creating value for societies.

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    Y Combinator's Startup School teaches entrepreneurship to 27,000 companies worldwide, promoting innovation and creating value for societies.
    • Y Combinator's second annual massively open online course startup school aims to provide knowledge about entrepreneurship to spur innovation and create value for societies, with a record-breaking 27,000 companies from around the world participating.
    • 15,000 companies from over a hundred countries and eight thousand cities were accepted to participate in the largest startup class ever taught by Y Combinator.
    • Y Combinator started Startup School to maximize their reach and share their knowledge with as many companies around the world as possible to promote innovation.
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    Stanford's Startup School offers a free online course with in-person and online classes, grants for 100 companies, and access to an incredible library of start-up content and deals.
    • Stanford is offering a massively open online course with in-person and online classes, taught by YC partners and alumni, with new software for community and management, and a $10,000 non-equity grant available for 100 companies who complete and graduate from the course.
    • An extraordinary library of start-up content is available online with incredible deals for 15,000 companies, including AWS and Google cloud credits, 50% off Stripe, and $5.99 formation and bank account from Clerke.
    • Startup School covers building a successful startup, getting users, effective management, fundraising, and includes conversations.
    • Live in-person sessions with experts and online forums for Q&A, including upcoming AMA and conversation events, with more new things to come.
    • Startup School 2018 has five main components: weekly lectures, group office hours, company updates, form and presentation day, and prep materials.
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    Limited seats available for Tuesday lectures with QA session, but lectures will be posted online every Wednesday by 12 p.m.; weekly group office hours are important for support and feedback; moderators lead discussions and groups without one need to select one ASAP.
    • Limited seats available, RSVP to attend Tuesday lectures at 10 a.m. with QA session, but lectures will be posted online every Wednesday by 12 p.m.
    • Weekly group office hours are important for participants to leverage their support network and receive feedback from peers.
    • The moderator leads the session and facilitates a discussion where each founder shares their company one-liner, goals for the last week, and their biggest problem or obstacle for the crew to help with.
    • Groups without a moderator need to select one ASAP, and the chosen moderator should be aware of the extra work involved, attend the training session on Friday, and set the weekly schedule for the group to participate in start-up school, as it is a requirement to stay in the course.
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    Set goals, join the community, pitch your startup, and tell a compelling story to increase your chances of success in the Y Combinator Startup School.
    • Set a key metric goal for your startup school and submit weekly updates on whether you achieved it to increase accountability and drive success.
    • Join the community and forum to talk to Phil and your group for opinions and help related to your startups, and remember to follow the basic rules.
    • Pitch your startup via video and slides on virtual presentation day, where telling the story of your startup is important and setting an ambitious goal will help you accomplish and present more in ten weeks, while inactive companies will be removed.
    • Complete the course by submitting nine out of ten weekly updates and participating in nine out of ten group office hour sessions to be eligible for the 110k equity-free grants and increase the success of your startup, and consider applying to the YC core program.
    • Creating the right story for your startup is vital for success because it keeps you going when things go wrong.
    • A story that simply states events is not interesting, but a story that includes human emotions and connections is what grabs our attention.
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    Craft a clear and concise story framework, submit weekly updates, and have a default towards positive action to build a successful startup culture.
    • Founders need to tell a compelling story about their startup that resonates with themselves and others to keep them going through hard times and persuade others to join them on their journey.
    • Craft a clear and concise story framework, create a memorable 2-minute pitch, and ensure all co-founders are on the same page to make your startup believable and memorable.
    • Having a default towards positive action is crucial for building a successful startup culture.
    • Submit weekly updates consistently to measure progress and ensure that your startup is making progress.
    • Participants of Startup School can access deals, including $1000 of AWS credits, by logging into the site.
    • Group office hours can be done through video chat online, but if desired, in-person meetings can be arranged within the group.
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    Startups who complete course requirements, provide status updates, and receive positive feedback may receive $10,000 from Startup School.
    • To choose the 100 companies who will receive $10,000, Startup School will look at completion of course requirements, status updates, moderator feedback, and company information to determine the most promising candidates.
    • Few startups are successful working part-time, so eventually, being full-time is necessary.
    • Working part-time on a startup may get it going, but at some point, commitment is necessary for success.
    • The advisor Trac program doesn't exist, instead there is one program for all 15,000 companies with groups having built-in or added moderators, and having a community of people to talk to is important for start-up success, while a good weekly metric for those who haven't launched yet is the number of days till public launch and for those in private beta, it's the number of active users or engagement metric, and it's recommended to launch earlier than you think you should.
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    Determine meaningful metrics for your startup's success and focus on important milestones to measure progress.
    • Launch your startup sooner than you think you should, determine a metric that represents success, and avoid using arbitrary or fake metrics.
    • What metrics make sense for hardware companies?
    • Focus on important milestones as metrics for progress towards success in your project or company.
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    Connect with YC alumni and partners for feedback on the forum and AMAs, and remember that the vertebrae of your story are the essence of your pitch.
    • You can connect with YC alumni and partners for feedback through the forum and upcoming AMAs with YC partners.
    • The vertebrae are the key elements of a story that are memorable and comprise the essence of the pitch.
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