Prioritizing Family and Well-being: A Tale of a Successful Business Owner

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "쌍둥이 학원보내고 월1000버는 일머리 천재 사장님.휴먼스토리/30대자영업자이야기/장사의신" by 장사의여신_자영업자스토리
TLDR While running a successful business can be rewarding, it is important to prioritize family and personal well-being over excessive work hours and financial gains.

Key insights

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    "To do business, you need to be nimble. You can't just wait for customers to come."
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    The speaker values the support and understanding of their spouse in their business endeavors, highlighting the importance of a strong partnership.
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    The manager's hands got faster at making coffee after a month of working, showing the importance of practice and experience in improving skills.
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    The manager believes that it is important to recognize and build relationships with regular customers.
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    The boss of the academy earns 1 million won ($900) in just the morning sales, showing the potential profitability of the business.
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    The manager emphasizes the need to constantly be aware of customers and their needs, stating "customers have eyes, and I see them everywhere I go," emphasizing the significance of customer-centricity in running a successful business.
  • The raw material cost for the banana tiger coffee is less than 35%, making it a cost-effective choice compared to other low-cost brands that have a raw material rate of over 40%.
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    "When I saw sales of 2,500, I think I will make a net profit of close to 10 million won, assuming that I work."

Timestamped Summary

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    The speaker talks about the challenges of balancing work and family, and the decision to open a coffee shop after closing a kids cafe due to communication difficulties in the evening.
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    The speaker discusses their successful business and personal life, highlighting the importance of having a supportive partner and being good at various skills.
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    The manager of a fruit store discusses his daily routine, including serving customers, making drinks, and the concept of skipping lunch.
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    The manager discusses his small machine, making Choco Choco Ring Frappe, recognizing regular customers, and feeling angry about his children leaving the academy without telling him.
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    The speaker shares their successful business story, plans to expand with delivery services and more staff, and mentions their frequent visits to a nearby coffee shop.
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    The speaker emphasizes the importance of customer awareness in developing AI programs for delivery and store sales, while the boss of Banana Tiger cafe works long hours and makes a lot of money with last month's sales of 25 million won.
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    The speaker discusses the benefits of buying ingredients online and the low start-up cost of a coffee shop, including free support and low raw material costs.
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    The boss expected to make a net profit of close to 10 million won from sales of 2,500, but after factoring in costs and working long hours, they realized it would have been better to spend time with their children instead.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "쌍둥이 학원보내고 월1000버는 일머리 천재 사장님.휴먼스토리/30대자영업자이야기/장사의신" by 장사의여신_자영업자스토리
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