Boost Your SMMA Meeting Attendance with These 10 Proven Methods

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Get Any SMMA Meeting To Show Up (My System)" by Charlie Morgan
TLDR Provide 10 methods to improve the show up rate for calls and meetings, emphasizing the importance of accountability, reminders, personal connections, and a compelling offer.

Key insights

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    Having a system or set of processes in place is crucial for increasing your show rate, especially when doing cold calling or cold outbound.
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    Triple confirming appointments can increase the likelihood of people showing up and being held accountable for their own ideas and commitments.
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    Asking about the target monthly revenue and the problem preventing them from hitting that target can help identify the client's goals and challenges in their business.
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    "The big one that nobody really has thought of" - there is a unique and undisclosed idea that the speaker came up with regarding appointments.
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    Having a specific and catchy event name, such as "30 members in 30 days," can help potential clients remember your offer and increase their likelihood of attending the meeting.
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    "You can do this with cold email for cold DMS what I would typically do um. It's what I used to do with cold calling is if someone books an appointment with me." - The speaker suggests using the same strategy of appearing everywhere in a person's life with cold email and direct messages, similar to what they used to do with cold calling.
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    Reiterating the meeting time and date multiple times through different channels can be an effective way to ensure people show up.
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    If you have a low show rate on your cold calls, it could be because you're booking people who don't actually want to be booked and are just agreeing to make you go away.


  • How can I increase the show up rate for calls and meetings?

    — The video provides 10 methods to improve the show up rate, including letting prospects choose the appointment time, confirming appointments multiple times, and asking qualifying questions.

  • Why is accountability important in increasing show up rates?

    — Accountability increases the likelihood of people showing up to appointments. By emphasizing their responsibility and asking about potential obstacles, you can improve attendance.

  • How can I use reminders to increase show rates?

    — The video suggests using calendly reminders with simple text and email messages, as well as setting up calendar invites named after your offer to remind prospects why they should show up.

  • What is the Ben Franklin effect and how does it relate to show up rates?

    — The Ben Franklin effect states that people are more likely to do something for you if you have already done something for them. By building a personal connection and offering value, you can increase show rates.

  • How can I appear in potential clients' lives to increase show up rates?

    — The video recommends connecting with potential clients on social media, sending personalized emails and loom videos, and consistently reaching out through various channels to increase the chances of them showing up to meetings.

Timestamped Summary

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    Learn 10 methods to improve your show up rate for calls, even if you're not booking appointments yet, because once you do, you'll need to figure out how to get them to show up.
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    Let prospects choose appointment times to increase accountability and show-up rates, and confirm appointments multiple times to further emphasize accountability.
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    Ask potential clients about their availability and qualifications, and gather information about their products, revenue goals, obstacles, and capacity for additional appointments.
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    Schedule meetings for today or tomorrow using calendly reminders with simple text and email messages to increase show rates, and leverage the Ben Franklin effect and commitment consistency bias by doing something for the person before asking them to do something for you.
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    Set up calendar invites on Calendly with the event named after your offer to remind prospects why they should show up, as the offer is the most important factor in increasing show rates, and name your meetings or events with a specific outcome or goal to make it memorable and avoid being forgotten.
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    Connect with potential clients through various means such as cold calling, emailing, and DMs, and appear in their life through LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram to increase attendance at SMMA meetings.
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    Consistently remind people of the meeting time and purpose through various channels to ensure they show up.
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    Put effort into ensuring a high show rate for SMMA meetings by avoiding booking uninterested people and paying attention to signs of disinterest or reluctance.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Get Any SMMA Meeting To Show Up (My System)" by Charlie Morgan
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