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Having a compatible co-founder and taking the relationship seriously is essential for a successful startup.

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    Choose a compatible co-founder and have agreements in writing to avoid future issues.
    • Avoid common mistakes by having agreements written down before any disagreements arise.
    • Choose a co-founder you get along with and can learn from, rather than one with the exact skills you need.
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    Disagreements between co-founders can be managed if the relationship has been pressure tested over time.
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    When disagreements arise, it is important to understand how your co-founder deals with stress and to be able to fight well and come out of the fight wiser.
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    Separating in the most effective and least destructive way is the best option for the company, but it can be difficult to face head-on.
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    To avoid co-founder disputes, it is best to have an equal equity split, but the CEO should have one extra share as a tiebreaker vote.
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    Finding a co-founder first and then coming up with the idea and fundraising together will create collective ownership and help with retention.
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    Having a great co-founder can be a superpower for your company, but not taking the co-founder relationship seriously can lead to big problems.
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    Invest in the relationship with your co-founder early to ensure success and avoid fights.
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