BWO Co-Founder Jake Tayler Jacobs Reveals All - Exclusive!

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "What Happened to BWO? Co-Founder Jake Tayler Jacobs Explains - LIVE!" by Pocket Watching with JT
TLDR The downfall of the company BWO was caused by internal issues, unethical actions of co-founders, mismanagement, and lack of organization, leaving many people in a difficult situation.

Financial Misconduct and Bad Advice

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    "They're giving bad Financial advice that is why I made this channel. It's because I'm just frustrated and outraged at the fact that there's people giving bad advice when there's people like me. We go to school for this. We get licensed. We become certified and they are harming people who are mostly financially illiterate."
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    "We made 300 something thousand just with bwo in the first month, showing the potential for profitability in the program."
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    The auto trader program generated 1.2 million in less than an hour, showcasing its potential for significant financial gains.
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    Jabril was paid $40,000 in ethereum for promoting a cryptocurrency through advertisements, despite claiming to have made money from the market.
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    "When you're advertising a coin, you're trying to get your audience to believe in it, raising its value, but those who get in first make money while those at the bottom lose."
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    "He charged people to come to the free event that he was invited to...then they paid him forty thousand dollars in ethereum in crypto to market the coin."
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    Jake Tayler Jacobs accuses Jabril of being motivated solely by affiliate sales and not caring about customer satisfaction or complaints.
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    "If you're running a business where none of you guys are actually treating it like a business... it's a disaster waiting to happen."
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    "We were making about 2.5 to 4 million, and I was taking home between 780 and 1.8 million a year."

Evidence and Proof to Support Claims

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    Jake Jacobs has proof and evidence, including photos, texts, emails, and memorandums, to support his side of the story regarding what happened with BWO.
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    Jake Tayler Jacobs offers to provide emails, sales reports, and proof of a lawsuit to support his claims and defend himself against the accusations.
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    The co-founder explains that they didn't go public with the information earlier due to a lawsuit and not feeling like they had a strong enough voice, but now they have compiled evidence to support their claims.

Exposing the Truth about BWO

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    The co-founder of BWO will reveal the story of how the organization was started, managed, what went wrong, and how it ended.
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    "This isn't some kind of gotcha thing. This is something that has happened before with a different group. It happened with this group, be aware of like what Jake said the red flags so. It's not just that one thing, it's the this can easily happen again if you are not aware and we're trying to bring awareness to no matter what if it's your friend, your buddy, your loved one whoever it is someone you go to church with whatever it is, if these red flags pop up."


  • Why did the speaker start their YouTube channel?

    — The speaker started their YouTube channel to provide accurate financial advice and combat the spread of bad advice by uneducated individuals.

  • What caused the downfall of company BWO?

    — The downfall of BWO was caused by internal issues, unethical actions of co-founders, mismanagement, and lack of organization.

  • Who were the main co-founders of BWO?

    — The main co-founders of BWO were Jake Tayler Jacobs and Brother Ben X.

  • What were the main issues within BWO?

    — The main issues within BWO included communication problems, lack of commitment from members, and disagreements between co-founders.

  • How did the speaker feel about partnering with 19 Keys?

    — The speaker initially had hesitation about partnering with 19 Keys due to unequal distribution of shares and lack of essential resources.

Timestamped Summary

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    The co-founder of BWO explains the downfall of the company due to ego, arrogance, greed, and negligence in managing a fast-growing company, despite initially successful sales and the goal of providing affordable courses and skill sets to the black community.
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    The co-founder of BWO explains the lack of unity within the group due to communication issues and lack of commitment, discusses the introduction of Auto Trader and the partnership on intellectual property, reveals the false claims made by Jabril about earning money from the market, and shares an incident where a free event was turned into a paid one by a speaker.
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    Jake Tayler Jacobs explains that there were internal issues and disagreements between the co-founders of BWO, with one co-founder failing to deliver on tasks and causing a suspension, leading to a dispute over value and compensation.
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    Jake Tayler Jacobs explains the unethical actions of BWO co-founder Jabriel, including selling Auto Trader sales and stealing money from the company, while discussing the lackluster courses of other co-founders and their ongoing business relationship; Jacobs also regrets partnering with 19 Keys without due diligence, but now shares their story after gathering evidence.
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    The co-founder of BWO sold his personal assets to resolve financial issues caused by Auto Trader, but mismanagement and lack of organization led to the downfall of the business, leaving many people in a difficult situation.
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    Jake Tayler Jacobs explains issues with co-founder Sabrina Kane, including her lack of tech knowledge and access to ABS database, denies reducing her stake; criticizes her for partnering without background checks, resulting in financial loss; made millions before online course business, upgraded wardrobe for online image; initially resisted showcasing business online but eventually embraced it, used flashy displays of wealth to attract customers; business suffered due to mismanagement and hijacking of social media platforms.
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    The speaker discusses the importance of exposing scams and unethical practices, clarifies false information about BWO, acknowledges financial issues and refund complications, and emphasizes the need for education and awareness to prevent similar situations in the future.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "What Happened to BWO? Co-Founder Jake Tayler Jacobs Explains - LIVE!" by Pocket Watching with JT
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