Expert Tips for Hiring Designers in Startups - Garry Tan (Part 2)

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Design for Startups by Garry Tan (Part 2)" by Y Combinator
TLDR Provide tips and strategies for startups to hire designers, including finding a co-founder, prioritizing empathy and user needs, and utilizing remote workers and design firms.

Key insights

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    Finding and choosing designers for startups requires careful consideration of the stage of the company, the need for a co-founder, and the importance of a user-facing element.
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    "You'll find incredibly talented people all around the world, from Philippines, Thailand, Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, Europe, and even the United States."
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    When interviewing designers, it's important to have them walk through hard decisions and trade-offs in product design, to see their thought process and ability to prioritize.
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    It's important for designers to be empathetic and listen to the needs of users, rather than focusing on themselves.
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    Start-up success lies at the intersection of design, product, and other factors, emphasizing the importance of considering all aspects for a thriving business.
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    Asking open-ended questions is a key strategy to accurately understand the story of your user during a user interview.
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    Open-ended questions can help identify "hair on fire" problems that truly upset people, making them ideal areas for innovation and problem-solving.
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    Controversy can be a powerful tool in marketing, as it can attract attention and create a divide between those who strongly dislike a product and those who are intrigued by it.


  • What are some tips for startups to hire designers?

    — Startups can find designers by having a co-founder, utilizing websites like Dribbble and LinkedIn, reaching out to individual consultants, and considering design firms.

  • How can startups attract designers to work for them?

    — Startups can attract designers by having a consumer focus, a diversified team with clear roles, and a co-founder.

  • What should startups consider when interviewing designers?

    — Startups should assess designers' communication skills, problem-solving approach, and have them walk through difficult trade-offs.

  • What is the importance of empathy and user needs for designers?

    — Designers should prioritize empathy and listening to user needs, considering the users and problem before starting to draw.

  • Is secrecy important for startups?

    — Secrecy can be important for competitive advantage, but being open and getting people to know about the product is crucial to compete against obscurity.

Timestamped Summary

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    Hire designers for your startup by finding a co-founder, user-facing element, and developer API designer, and using websites and schools to build a team during Series B.
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    Hire remote workers through email and platforms like 99designs and Fiverr to find the best talent and save costs.
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    Finding a design firm for a startup can be tough, but directories and referrals exist, and Play-Doh Design is a recommended option.
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    Designers should prioritize empathy and user needs, communicate effectively, and approach problem-solving similarly to the founder when working with startups.
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    Startups should get a design leader or respected friend to do a final check before hiring and read recommended books and articles, including "Taste for Makers" by Paul Graham.
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    Look for emotional and open-ended problems to solve during user interviews for impactful solutions.
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    Keeping secrets can be important, but being open about your product is crucial to compete against obscurity.
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    Soylent's success is fueled by controversy over its name, generating $1 billion in free advertising.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Design for Startups by Garry Tan (Part 2)" by Y Combinator
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