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The key idea of the video is that Gobble, a food delivery startup, faced setbacks but ultimately succeeded through perseverance, customer research, and hiring great engineers.

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    Gobble, founded by Usha, helps people cook dinner in 10 minutes with one pan dinner kit, and their revenue graph shows the typical startup journey with lessons learned.
    • Usha is the founder and CEO of Gobble, a company that helps people cook dinner in just 10 minutes with their one pan dinner kit.
    • Gobble's revenue graph shows the typical startup journey of a launch, a trough of sorrow, wiggles of hope, and if lucky, reaching the promised land, with lessons learned along the way.
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    A speaker unhappy with long work hours and takeout food found a solution by posting an ad on Craigslist for home-cooked meals, leading to a calendar of meals for friends to order.
    • Working long hours and eating only takeout made the speaker unhappy and miss the tradition of home-cooked meals with family, but she found a solution to the problem.
    • Posting an ad on Craigslist for a home-cooked meal led to meeting chefs and creating a calendar of their meals for friends to order, despite some risks and challenges.
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    🍴 Woman starts successful food delivery startup despite challenges finding a technical co-founder and losing their first engineer just weeks before launch.
    • Started a business by solving a problem for herself, prototyping with email, PayPal, and her car, and delivering home-cooked food to friends, which fed her soul and heart.
    • Founder of Gobble faced challenges finding a technical co-founder, but decided to pursue the idea anyway and was able to raise seed funding, hire employees, and build a successful startup, despite losing their first engineer just weeks before launch.
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    Gobble faced setbacks but ultimately succeeded by hiring great engineers, while the speaker manually promoted their business for growth and another company kept going despite lack of Series A funding.
    • Gobble faced a setback when their engineer left, but they were able to hire a consultant and eventually great engineers, delaying their launch but ultimately succeeding.
    • Launching a business doesn't guarantee customers, and in order to gain growth, the speaker had to manually promote their company through various methods.
    • Failed to secure Series A funding due to lack of preparation and not meeting enough investors, but decided to keep going with remaining funds.
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    Despite facing setbacks and competition, the speaker remains committed to promoting home-cooked meals through personalized subscription technology.
    • The speaker attempted to start an on-demand food delivery service called Gobble Instant, but it failed due to logistical issues and a mismatch with their target market.
    • Despite facing setbacks and losing investor confidence, the speaker remained committed to their mission of promoting home-cooked meals and found inspiration by listening to themselves.
    • Dinner should be a subscription, personalized through technology, similar to how Netflix and Pandora understand your tastes for movies and music.
    • Despite having a successful and defensible technology, the speaker faced difficulty in raising Series A funding due to increased competition in the food startup space.
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    Joining Y Combinator saved struggling company by providing a lifeline and focus on basics.
    • Despite being an established company with seed money and a launched product, the speaker's friend suggested they join Y Combinator in January due to low numbers during the holiday season.
    • Joining Y Combinator was the best decision for the speaker's struggling company as it provided a lifeline and helped them focus on the basics.
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    Gobble persevered through negative publicity, achieved product market fit through customer research, and experienced organic growth and successful funding.
    • We hired an executive chef and got our own commercial kitchen to ensure consistent quality and portion sizes, and visited customers' homes to observe their cooking and eating habits.
    • Gobble faced negative publicity but the team persevered and continued to make progress as an underdog in the food industry.
    • They talked to customers who wanted to cook but didn't have time, learned about Nissan Plus concept, applied it to families, tested it with friends, and their social media blew up.
    • Achieving product market fit without any marketing hires led to organic growth and successful funding, despite previous rejections from investors.
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    A team of 120 people delivering dinner kits across seven states on the west coast plans to expand across the country with perseverance and belief in their mission.
    • 120 people delivering dinner kits across seven states on the west coast face challenges, but with perseverance and belief in their mission, obstacles become manageable and they plan to expand across the country.
    • Grit is important for staying the course and competing with yourself, not others, in order to make yourself and your company better.
    • To be a successful founder, one must have grit, run experiments, and believe in their mission.
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