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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Dünyayı Sallayan Türk… | İlham Veren Kadın Girişimci Özlem Mekik" by StoryBox
TLDR Success is valuable, but maintaining important values, prioritizing health, self-love, and happiness are more important in life.

Key insights

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    My late father started the clean toilet campaign in one of Turkey's first big oil chains, making a significant impact before his untimely passing.
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    Despite facing financial hardships and the foreclosure of her family's house, Özlem Mekik made a promise to her mother to create a better life for her, showing her determination and resilience.
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    The speaker expresses a desire to return to their humble family home, emphasizing the importance of family and the memories created there.
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    Özlem Mekik followed her intuition and inner voice, which led her to successfully establish her own business in the industry she was passionate about.
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    Özlem Mekik's achievements as a female chef, including participating in the World Olympics and becoming one of the three women in the world to taste blind, highlight the importance of breaking gender stereotypes and promoting inclusivity in the culinary industry.
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    Despite facing the challenges of cancer, the speaker has gained a new perspective on life and now values spending time with loved ones.
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    Working in the night or restaurant business is a very difficult job, where you have to work and laugh even when you are most sad and work and laugh again even when you are the happiest.
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    "Please love yourself first, learn to love yourself first because if you don't love yourself, we'll have to love your hair that doesn't exist."

Timestamped Summary

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    Success isn't everything; the speaker shares their personal journey growing up with successful parents and the impact it had on their life.
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    After experiencing the worst day of her life, the speaker promises her mother that she will make her live a better life and works hard after graduating from Istanbul University.
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    Success is valuable, but losing important values in the process renders achievements meaningless; the speaker emphasizes the importance of maintaining values while pursuing goals and shares their dream of opening a successful restaurant.
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    Turkish entrepreneur Özlem Mekik started her own place in 2005, becoming known for her modern tavern and dance show after working in the food and hospitality industry.
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    A woman entrepreneur faced challenges when her shop caught fire, but she persevered and became a successful chef, representing her country internationally.
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    The speaker discovered she had cancer and went through a difficult time of hiding it from her family, losing her hair, and contemplating death, but she has now survived for 5 years and has gained a new perspective on life.
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    Being a successful woman in the nightlife industry is challenging, but it's important to work hard, set the right rules, and support your team.
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    The speaker's biggest goal is to grow and succeed, but they emphasize the importance of prioritizing health, self-love, and happiness before anything else.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Dünyayı Sallayan Türk… | İlham Veren Kadın Girişimci Özlem Mekik" by StoryBox
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