From Zero to $2.7M: Pieter Levels' Millionaire Lifestyle Secrets

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "How Pieter Levels Makes $2.7M/Year With 0 Employees" by My First Million
TLDR Sam Ovens and Peter Lovells discuss how to create a chill lifestyle and spin off businesses to achieve millionaire status, while investing in ETFs, crypto, and stocks, and focusing on relationships, health, food, and meaningful work.

Business Strategies and Revenue Generation

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    Pieter Levels has built multiple small projects, such as job boards and ebooks, that generate significant revenue, with his highest-earning project, Nomad List, making $2.1 million in the last 12 months.
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    Pieter Levels has built multiple successful businesses, with Remote OK being the biggest and generating around $1.6 million a year.
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    By establishing authority in a specific niche and creating content around it, you can attract a dedicated audience and monetize your expertise through various businesses and income streams.
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    Pieter Levels' success was not a result of a master plan, but rather an organic process of building businesses based on his own needs and ideas.
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    Pieter Levels values the high profit margins of his bootstrap companies, preferring to wait and continue generating revenue through automation rather than selling for a lower multiple.
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    Many indie hackers and makers think small and settle for small goals, but there is potential for bigger success and contribution to society beyond just making a small passive income.
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    Pieter Levels sells job post bundles for $50k via Stripe, showing that high-ticket items can be automated and sold successfully online.
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    Pieter Levels emphasizes that the choice between optimizing for growth and hiring a sales team versus prioritizing freedom and happiness depends on individual goals and preferences, showcasing the different paths to success in entrepreneurship.

Remote Work and Lifestyle Trends

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    Pieter Levels' revenue took off during the pandemic, as the demand for remote work and being a nomad increased significantly.
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    Pieter Levels believes that the future of remote work lies in high-end apartment hotels that cater to remote workers with families, providing them with the space and amenities they need for a comfortable and productive lifestyle.
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    "The remote work thing is still niche, but it's going to get bigger as physical jobs get automated." - Pieter Levels predicts the growth of remote work and highlights the potential market for products targeting tech workers in this high-end niche.
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    The concept of a "giving economy" where people can freely give and take items without the need for buying or consumerism is an alternative way to reduce waste and promote sustainability.
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    "I think the most important of me is to impress myself by just you know being stable and and having a stable happy life with with people around me and uh yeah like kind of wholesome life you know."


  • What is Sam Ovens' unique networking strategy?

    — Sam Ovens' unique networking strategy is cold DMing or texting people he's interested in, even if he doesn't know them.

  • How many businesses does Sam Ovens have?

    — Sam Ovens has seven businesses, mainly job boards for nomadic or remote work, and he is the only full-time employee, using a team of contractors.

  • How can you achieve millionaire status?

    — You can achieve millionaire status by building a business that reaches $20,000/month in revenue with high automation and high margins.

  • What is Peter Lovells' focus for a chill life?

    — Peter Lovells is creating a more chill life by focusing on his health, relationships, and other activities.

  • What are some investment strategies mentioned in the video?

    — In the video, Sam Ovens mentions investing in ETFs, crypto, and stocks, and recently selling most of his stocks to reduce stress and gain peace of mind.

Timestamped Summary

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    Sam Ovens has 7 businesses, mainly job boards, and Peter Lovells (@levelsio) talks about creating a chill life and how he closed his DMs.
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    Start with a red pill lifestyle, create content around it, become an authority, and spin off businesses to fund the lifestyle and gain new audiences.
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    Pivot to bigger goals and build a business with high automation and margins to achieve millionaire status.
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    Investing in ETFs, crypto, and stocks, and selling most of my stocks to reduce stress, I'm now watching China's projected growth to be the world's largest economy by 2030.
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    Live a more meaningful life by focusing on relationships, health, food, and meaningful work, and avoid lifestyle inflation by buying experiences instead of material goods.
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    Tech people with pets can enjoy luxury pet-friendly accommodations and fly with animals under 20 pounds, plus use emojis to make big purchases!
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    Sharing knowledge and personal information online can be a successful marketing tool, but it can also be a security risk.
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    Check out for my websites!
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "How Pieter Levels Makes $2.7M/Year With 0 Employees" by My First Million
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