Mastering User Interviews for UX Design: Clear Objectives, Representative Participants, Non-Leading Questions

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "How To Conduct User Interviews Like A Pro (UX Design)" by CareerFoundry
TLDR Conducting effective user interviews as a UX designer involves setting clear research objectives, recruiting representative participants, preparing non-leading questions, and engaging with the user to gather qualitative self-reported data on their experience and opinions.

Key insights

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    User interviews can provide valuable verbal self-reported data to supplement observed actions and behaviors during usability testing.
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    Setting clear research objectives is crucial for conducting effective user interviews and obtaining valuable insights.
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    The key to a successful user interview is to ask open non-leading questions, prompting users to go into more detail.
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    Preparing questions in advance and having follow-up phrases ready can help avoid unintentionally leading the user during the interview and prompt them to elaborate.
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    Taking your time during user interviews is crucial to getting detailed answers and making the user feel comfortable.

Timestamped Summary

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    Learn how to conduct effective user interviews as a UX designer, including setting research objectives, recruiting participants, determining the location, writing effective interview questions, and best practices.
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    Conducting user interviews requires clear goals and planned questions to gather qualitative self-reported data on how users receive a concept or experience, their problems and pain points, and what they want from the experience, making it useful at the start of a project or for gathering opinions on an existing product or design.
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    Conducting user interviews involves setting goals and objectives, recruiting participants, choosing a location and setup, and preparing questions to learn more about target users and explore specific topics in more detail.
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    Set clear research objectives and recruit representative participants in a neutral location to conduct effective user interviews.
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    Prepare interview questions beforehand, ask open non-leading questions that prompt users to go into more detail, and have someone record the session with the user's permission.
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    Be aware of leading questions during user interviews as they can result in biased or false answers, instead use non leading questions to gain more insight.
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    Prepare more questions than you think you'll have time to ask, have follow-up phrases ready, and prepare an opening statement to introduce yourself and explain the purpose of the interview, while also asking for permission to record the interview.
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    Conduct user interviews effectively by engaging with the user, listening actively, avoiding jargon, and finishing strong with a quick chat to reveal further insights.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "How To Conduct User Interviews Like A Pro (UX Design)" by CareerFoundry
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