Counselor Training: Mastering Initiative at 4-H Camp

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "4-H Camp Counselor Training: Taking Initiative" by OSU Extension Professionals
TLDR Camp counselors need to take initiative, be proactive, and problem solve in order to be effective leaders and create a positive camp experience for campers.

Key insights

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    The number of camp counselors is outnumbered by the number of kids, which presents a great opportunity for counselors to take initiative and make a positive impact.
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    Our actions, no matter how small, have the potential to make a significant impact on our community and the world.
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    The Polar Bear Swim at camp attracts a large number of kids, with as much as a third of the camp participating.
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    Planning ahead and being proactive in ensuring that all necessary preparations are made, such as having the right equipment and maintaining the camper to counselor ratio, is crucial for a successful activity.
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    Teaching counselors to be proactive and take initiative is crucial for their effectiveness in engaging campers.
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    Taking initiative as a camp counselor involves thinking ahead, organizing tasks, and problem-solving to ensure that activities like fishing are engaging and enjoyable for kids.
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    By taking the initiative to lead camp songs or organize no prop low activity games, a counselor can demonstrate problem-solving skills and create a positive and enjoyable experience for the campers.
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    "There's no traffic jams on the extra mile, so if you can do something extra to help somebody else and pay it forward, that's the attitude that we want."

Timestamped Summary

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    Camp counselors need to take initiative, make decisions, and problem solve without constant supervision in order to be effective leaders and help things run smoothly at camp.
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    Counselors should take initiative during camp meals to determine tasks that need to be done in the next 10 and 30 minutes to be helpful in the camp community.
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    Counselors at the camp should take initiative in cleaning up, leading songs, and prioritizing essential tasks for the campers' well-being.
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    Camp counselors need to be efficient and proactive in taking on tasks and responsibilities, balancing their own needs while assisting campers, and ensuring smooth activities by being prepared and having the necessary equipment and staff ratios.
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    Camp counselors should ensure the dock is safe, have fishing equipment ready, teach participants how to fish safely, be proactive and efficient with their time, plan ahead, organize tasks, provide clear instructions, look for opportunities to help, and be selfless for the benefit of others.
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    Counselors should take initiative by offering alternative activities in case of cancellations, be creative and open to change, involve relevant adults, and stay focused on problem-solving; they should also be aware of flag responsibilities and be ready to take over if needed.
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    Being a successful camp counselor means paying attention to the schedule, working hard, being proactive, selfless, and thinking ahead to create opportunities for campers, while being open-minded and willing to brainstorm new ideas to solve problems and seize opportunities.
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    Take initiative, go above and beyond to help others, and contact your County educator for any questions.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "4-H Camp Counselor Training: Taking Initiative" by OSU Extension Professionals
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