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The video provides tips on automating content creation, finding low competition keywords for SEO, and driving traffic to your blog through social media promotion and Medium publications.

  • πŸ’‘
    ChatGPT is an AI chatbot tool that can automate content creation processes and save time and money.
  • πŸ’‘
    Use H-Supertools.com to find low competition keywords in your niche for SEO, then create an article around a high search volume, low competition keyword using ChatGPT's topic generator.
  • πŸ’‘
    Generate different ideas, get blog outlines, and outline content using specific steps with the help of a tool.
  • πŸ“
    Create a concise summary of the lecture notes without mentioning the speaker.
  • πŸ’»
    Use HuggingFace.co to check if your blog is human-generated, aim for at least 90% human-like content, then publish on Medium.com by creating an account and copying and pasting your blog post into the editor.
  • πŸ’°
    Add affiliate links to your Medium blog posts using the built-in link insertion feature and disclose it to your readers.
  • πŸ’»
    Leverage Medium's built-in audience and algorithm by writing well-written and informative posts, adding five blog topics, and publishing on the appropriate publication.
  • πŸš€
    Drive traffic to your blog through social media promotion and check out the speaker's last video for a bonus tip on how to drive thousands of visitors to your blog for free.
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