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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "These 2 AI Tools Help Me Make $9700/mo" by Max Jones
TLDR Use various strategies, such as clipping YouTube videos, optimizing lead forms, starting a newsletter, and monetizing through ads and affiliate marketing, to make money online.

Key insights

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    Understanding how to set up a funnel can help content creators generate more revenue from their YouTube videos.
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    The value proposition in affiliate marketing lies in promoting free offers that provide enough value to entice viewers to take action and get the offer for free.
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    The speaker strategically directs their website viewers to their personal brand funnel, with a conversion rate of 50% for email sign-ups and 50% of those sign-ups applying to the recommendations, resulting in potential significant growth in their subscriber base.
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    While the platform costs $99 a month, with just 10 customers subscribing to your recommendations, you can quickly make back that money and find it worth the investment.
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    It's important to ensure that the design of emails and landing pages is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices.
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    Growing a newsletter to a large subscriber base and having a solid exit plan can lead to lucrative opportunities and financial success.


  • How can I make money from YouTube videos?

    You can use Opus Pro to clip YouTube videos and create short content pieces, then monetize them with a fully functioning funnel to earn $10,000 to $20,000 per million views.

  • What niche should I choose to make money online?

    It is recommended to choose a high-demand niche like AI and find trending videos in that niche using a Discord channel. Strategically placing your call to actions can help maximize your earnings.

  • How can I monetize a newsletter?

    You can use the beehive platform to start a newsletter and monetize it by recommending other newsletters within your niche. With just 10 subscribers, you can potentially earn back the monthly fee of $99.

  • How can I create engaging emails for my newsletter?

    You can use a simple style editor to create emails with headers, buttons, and upsells. Using a subject line like "free blueprint" can help attract readers.

  • How can I increase my earnings through newsletters?

    By growing your subscriber base and having a higher open rate, you can attract more advertisers to pay you. Additionally, using affiliate links in a recurring newsletter and potentially selling your active newsletter can generate a significant amount of money.

Timestamped Summary

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    Use Opus Pro to clip YouTube videos, create short content, and monetize it with a funnel to make $10,000 to $20,000 per million views in a high-demand niche like AI, strategically placing call to actions.
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    Using specific phrases like "Link in BIO" instead of "Lincoln bio" and interacting with comments can help increase views and credibility on TikTok.
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    Create a win-win situation by setting up and optimizing lead forms, offering valuable freebies through affiliate links, and ensuring that the free offer provides enough value to motivate viewers to take action.
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    You can make money by adding a newsletter referral widget after an email sign up, with each subscriber potentially earning you around $10, and the recommended platforms for this are Spark Loop and Beehive.
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    Using the beehive platform, you can make money by starting a newsletter and recommending other newsletters within your niche, potentially earning back the $99 monthly fee with just 10 subscribers.
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    Change the publication name and description, set up the website and funnel, create an automation to send content to subscribers.
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    Use a style editor to create emails with headers, buttons, and upsells, and activate email automation to send people to content for the freebie when they sign up, but be aware that the design may appear differently on desktop and mobile.
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    Start sending out newsletters with optimized formatting to increase subscribers and open rates, monetize through ads and affiliate marketing, and potentially sell your active newsletter for a high price.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "These 2 AI Tools Help Me Make $9700/mo" by Max Jones
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