Gagnez de l'argent en ligne avec ChatGPT !

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Comment gagner de l'argent avec ChatGPT ?" by Bootstrapper
TLDR Gipity Chat is an AI chatbot that provides reference books, summaries, and advice to help users make money online.

Key insights

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    ChatGPT has gained over a million users in just 5 days after its launch, indicating its popularity and potential for earning money online.
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    Using ChatGPT's artificial intelligence, you can easily acquire knowledge and learn new subjects by asking for book recommendations and summaries.
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    By focusing on the aspects that interest us and using AI's vast knowledge, we can develop skills at a remarkable speed.
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    The AI is capable of recommending trendy basketball models under 100 euros by describing their particularities.
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    With ChatGPT's efficiency, it only takes about fifteen minutes to write a high-quality article, potentially allowing for increased productivity and income generation in the online writing industry.
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    By structuring questions effectively, one can obtain high-quality articles on any subject, giving a competitive advantage over existing market offerings that may take longer and charge higher prices.
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    Longer articles of at least 1000 words have the advantage of better search engine optimization and increased chances of providing comprehensive answers to readers' questions.
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    ChatGPT can generate detailed content on various subjects and can be instructed to rephrase or clarify certain parts, making it a versatile tool for content creation.

Timestamped Summary

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    Gipity Chat is a free AI chatbot to help users make money online.
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    Gipity's AI provides reference books and summaries to help users learn.
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    The rule of reciprocity can be used to influence decisions, and AI can be taught to debate and form opinions.
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    Opt for shoes that fit best, not just those that fit in.
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    In minutes, create a mini game in Javascript and play it in HTML.
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    Leverage Tchadjipiti and Betty to offer blog article writing services and maximize income.
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    Tchadjipiti should create a 1000-word article on the Paleo diet, divided into 3 parts and 8 subparts.
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    Adopt a Paleolithic diet to prevent diabetes and obesity, plus get free business advice with a training link.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Comment gagner de l'argent avec ChatGPT ?" by Bootstrapper
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