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Earn $5K in a week with ChatGPT and Medium by writing niche articles and leveraging SEO, the Medium Partner Program, and Affiliate Marketing.

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    Earn an average of 5000$ in 7 days without any investment by creating articles with ChatGPT and publishing them on Medium.com and Quora.
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    ChatGPT is a GPT-3-based natural language processing tool developed by Open AI that enables users to have human-like conversations with an AI chatbot and generate AI art, code, content, and more.
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    Create an account on H SuperTools.com to find low competition keywords in your niche, then use ChatGPT to generate blog topic ideas related to the keyword.
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    Search a title, add it in double quotes, and press enter to generate an outline, then copy and search the outline to get content.
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    ChatGPT creates a blog article with headings, which can then be converted into a human-generated blog for ranking.
  • πŸ€”
    Copy content, paste into Duplichecker Article Rewriter, solve captcha, copy rewritten content, adjust font size and heading size, check with Huggingface.co AI content detector.
  • πŸ“
    Create an account on Medium.com, copy the blog title and article from the document, add an image, and add blog keywords.
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    Earn thousands of dollars in 7 days without investment by using the ChatGPT tool, creating articles around your niche, and utilizing SEO, Medium Partner program, and Affiliate Marketing.
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