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The video provides tips on how to make money on YouTube shorts using AI technology, affiliate marketing, and viral content.

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    Learn how to make $200 per day on YouTube shorts with chat GPT and AI technology.
    • Learn how to copy and paste YouTube shorts with chatgpt to make $200 per day and earn ad revenue from your videos, as YouTube shorts are the best way to grow your channel and make money in 2023 and beyond.
    • Learn how to make motivational quote videos using chat GPT and AI technology to earn $200 per day on YouTube shorts.
    • YouTube channels can earn upwards of 11k per month depending on their niche and CPM, with some channels earning even more through bonus monetization methods.
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    Verify your phone number and channel history or provide ID to enable monetization on YouTube.
    • When creating a YouTube channel, it is suggested to use a motivational or inspirational word in the channel name to help viewers understand the channel's purpose.
    • To enable monetization features on YouTube, you must verify your phone number and either do a video verification, send in a picture of your valid ID, or have around two months of channel history.
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    Use AI tools like Chat GPT or VidIQ to create motivational quotes for your YouTube channel, then choose InVideo's business or unlimited plan with coupon code Garrett's 25 for 25% off.
    • Use Chat GPT or VidIQ's AI coach to create motivational quotes for your YouTube channel, but be aware that Chat GPT may not be available worldwide and VidIQ is not 100% free.
    • Copy and paste quotes onto a Google doc, then use the video tool by clicking the link in the description and going to pricing.
    • Choose between the business or unlimited plan on InVideo depending on whether you plan to upload more than 60 videos per month, and use the coupon code Garrett's 25 for 25% off your order.
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    The stock market reached record highs due to positive news about COVID-19 vaccines and the transition of power in the US government.
    • Choose the historical facts template in portrait mode and paste the selected text into the video editor to create scenes.
    • The speaker demonstrates how to format text in all capital letters and split it into separate lines for a more visually appealing design.
    • Choose a vertical video that looks good and preview it before adding it to your project, then trim it as needed.
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    Adjust video and text layers in editor to fit properly and use suggested viral sounds.
    • Learn how to adjust the size and timing of video and text layers in the editor to ensure they fit properly and don't get cut off.
    • Use both the suggested viral sounds and the cool sound, but for this example, only the cool sound will be used.
  • πŸ’‘
    The new electric car from Tesla has a range of 620 miles on a single charge, making it the longest-range electric car on the market.
    • Adjust text alignment, font size, and spacing to improve the appearance of the tab text.
    • Export the video, upload it with a motivational title and make sure it's not made for kids before publishing.
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    Use ClickBank's affiliate marketing to promote products and earn commission by creating a free account, searching for products in the affiliate Marketplace, and promoting them with a unique hop link.
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    Use tinyurl.com to shorten affiliate links and earn commissions through affiliate marketing on YouTube shorts, and learn how to grow your channel without showing your face with the no face YouTube course at nofacey.com.
    • Use tinyurl.com to shorten affiliate links and paste them in the comments of your YouTube shorts to earn commissions through affiliate marketing.
    • Learn how to grow your YouTube channel without showing your face on camera with the no face YouTube course at nofacey.com.
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