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Creating digital products on Etsy is a great way to build a passive income stream.

  • 🤩
    Create printable planners to list on Etsy using chat GPT, Canva, and research techniques.
    • We'll use chat GPT to create digital products, design them on Canva, list them on Etsy, and use research techniques to find winning products.
    • Decided to create printable planners, as they are always selling well.
  • 🔎
    Research and analyze a self-improvement planner on Etsy to verify the product idea and see what's already working.
  • 🤔
    Analyzing reviews to understand what people like and don't like will help create a unique, high quality product.
  • 🤔
    I used chat GPT to generate a detailed layout and then used Canva to create the end product.
  • 📝
    I designed 3 templates (habit tracking, daily planner, gratitude journal) and created listing images using a pre-built templates pack to help present the product uniquely and save time.
  • 🛍️
    Open an Etsy shop for free and list your first product for 20 cents (or get 40 free listings with my link in the description).
  • 🛒
    Set up your product title, category, renewal option, product type, description, tags, price, quantity, and PDF print file, then click publish to list your product on Etsy.
  • 💰
    Building a sustainable passive income stream is best done through digital products.
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