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Launch a YouTube channel to generate Amazon commissions using GPT chat and research to create engaging videos.

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    Earn daily commissions from Amazon by making AI generated videos using chat GPT.
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    This tutorial will show you how to launch a YouTube channel to build a community and earn commissions from Amazon products using GPT chat.
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    Choose a niche you're interested in, join the Amazon affiliate program, and copy what's already working to create videos.
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    Search for your keywords on YouTube, filter by upload date and view count, watch the videos, take notes, and leave an emoji and "yes" in the comments to show you're serious.
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    Research your competitors, know your customers' problems, and start with something catchy to grab viewers' attention when creating a video.
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    Chatbot-generated intros and product descriptions can help create a professional and educational video script for channel growth.
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    You can produce a video yourself for free or outsource it to freelancers for a fee, but both require effort.
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    Create a thumbnail, use a free website like Canva, generate a title, and include affiliate links in the description for success.
AI-powered summaries for YouTube videos AI-powered summaries for YouTube videos