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The emergence of Chat GPT and AI technology has the potential to replace the middle class, but also offers opportunities for individuals to create personalized money-making plans and programs without programming knowledge.

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    Use Chat GPT and AI to create personalized money-making plans, sketches, and programs without programming knowledge, potentially replacing the middle class.
    • Learn how to make money with Chat GPT, an artificial intelligence program that creates personalized money-making plans based on your lifestyle, hobbies, and personality.
    • Artificial intelligence can create unique and creative sketches based on user input, allowing for the possibility of selling and making money.
    • Current Chat GPT technology combined with artificial intelligence drawing software can already provide personalized recommendations, but future navigation systems will be able to understand and respond to specific requests.
    • Learn computer engineering principles and use Chat GPT to write programs to make money, or rely on Chat GPT and AI to make money without programming knowledge.
    • Chat GPT technology is successful due to its excellent public relations and the potential to replace the middle class, as seen with Bill Gates' investment in Open AI, the company behind Chat GPT.
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    Language recognition and understanding functions can now solve problems without typing, with automatic learning and memory, thanks to Chat GPT's 100 million users in two months.
    • Language recognition and understanding functions can now help solve problems without the need for typing, with the added benefit of automatic learning and memory.
    • Chat GPT has over 100 million users in two months, and it is a free AI tool that continuously learns and optimizes, and can be used with other AI tools.
    • Using Chat GPT and an AI drawing tool, a designer was able to instantly generate 100 high-quality design drawings, increasing his productivity and allowing him to take on more cases without raising prices.
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    Human nature trumps business knowledge in negotiations, leading to profitable industries like self-media, consulting, and entertainment, while low-income jobs remain safe for now due to high robot maintenance costs.
    • Human nature and emotion are more important than business knowledge in negotiations, making industries like self-media, consulting, movies, TV dramas, lawyers, and doctors profitable, while low-income jobs are safe for now due to the high cost of maintaining robots.
    • Many people work hard to get into college and find a stable job, but struggle to achieve financial stability and independence due to increasing living costs and stagnant salaries.
    • Stable jobs and investments are no longer reliable, but through the power of the internet, the speaker and their disciples have established a 7-figure earning YouTube channel.
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    Invest in self-media and AI now for potential success and monopoly, with training available; free camp subscription for early subscribers.
    • Self-media and artificial intelligence are the future, and entering the market now can lead to success and potential monopoly, with the speaker offering training to achieve this.
    • Free camp subscription available for those who subscribe and like, with limited availability on a first come, first served basis.
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    Make money easily by setting up a Taobao store and offering translation services using Chat GPT.
    • Use Chat GPT to do jobs that will be replaced by AI in the future, such as translation for Chinese platforms, to make money legally and easily.
    • Open a Taobao store and sell your translation services to Chinese customers, with the potential to earn up to 100,000 yuan per month.
    • Using Chat GPT, individuals can set up a translation Taobao store and offer outsourced services such as writing papers, programs, and cover letters with high accuracy and earning potential.
    • Chat GPT can help you write an automated trading system without needing to learn how to code.
    • A program was created to buy Bitcoin when the 20-day moving average crosses the 50-day moving average and sell when the 20-day moving average falls below the 50-day moving average.
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    Learn to code and create your own trading system for passive income, and use Chat GPT as a self-media asset for long-term passive income.
    • The brother used his last command to Chat GPT to code according to Pine script version 5, but even with this condition, the code made by Chat GPT still had bugs that needed to be fixed by Chat GPT itself.
    • Learn to write codes and create your own automatic trading system for passive income, and consider using Chat GPT for long-term passive income as a self-media asset.
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    With Chat GPT's help, anyone can easily create a medium-quality video to make money through self-media, without needing wealth or connections.
    • Creating a money-making film is easy with Chat GPT's help in writing footsteps, scenes, screen transitions, copywriting, and even recommending background music, and with the method of automatically converting text into a video, you can easily make a medium-quality video to post on YouTube.
    • Self-media is the trend that has allowed countless amateurs and young children to make a fortune online, while some celebrities quietly earn hundreds of times more than before, leaving those who haven't caught on behind.
    • Don't doubt your ability to make money through self-media just because you lack certain skills or resources, as practice makes perfect and self-media doesn't require wealth or connections.
    • Build an automatic money-making machine in the early stage to become more profitable later on, by following an entrepreneurial system and method that allows you to copy scientifically without needing any experience in marketing, entrepreneurship, monetization, or products.
    • Join the Fortune Free Book Club for a permanent membership and access to wealth free courses, an elite group of students, and first-hand information and resources about making money.
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    The emergence of Chat GPT is a technological revolution that will replace the middle class, so participate in the big reshuffle to achieve financial freedom.
    • The emergence of Chat GPT is equivalent to the revolution of computers and the Internet, and objections are useless as history has shown with past technological advancements.
    • The middle class will be replaced, so take advantage of the trend and participate in the big reshuffle to achieve financial freedom.
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