Market Research Strategies for 2023: 5 Fast & Easy Methods

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "How To Do Market Research! (5 FAST & EASY Strategies For 2023)" by Adam Erhart
TLDR Conducting thorough market research is crucial for identifying and reaching your ideal target market, and implementing effective marketing strategies to ensure business success.

Key insights

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    Proven and profitable market research strategies can help businesses figure out exactly what to do, how to do it, and who to do it for, giving them the best possible chance of success in today's hyper-competitive business world.
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    Get your target market wrong and you'll keep going around in circles, feeling stuck, frustrated, and overwhelmed, which is one of the biggest reasons why most businesses fail.
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    The fastest and easiest place to get ideas, inspiration, and do research on your customers and competitors is Amazon or any other online book retailer.
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    Reading both the five-star and star reviews of books can help identify the solutions that customers appreciate and the areas where the book may have missed the mark.
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    The free market research kit includes various templates such as swot analysis, survey templates, focus group models, and industry analysis models, offering a comprehensive toolkit for conducting market research effectively.
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    Google Trends is a powerful tool for providing an overview of trending topics, industries, and companies, allowing users to see the level of interest in a topic over time and in different regions.
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    There is a significant difference between buyers and non-buyers, and it is crucial to base business and marketing decisions on those who are willing to pay and buy, rather than just focusing on vanity metrics like likes and comments.
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    Using A/B testing with different ads on platforms like Google AdWords, Facebook, or Instagram can help determine the most effective headlines, descriptions, and visuals for marketing campaigns.


  • What is the target audience?

    — The target audience refers to the group of customers that a business wants to reach and sell to.

  • Why is matching your message with your target market important?

    — Matching your message with your target market is crucial for marketing success as it increases effectiveness and profitability.

  • How can Amazon be used for market research?

    — Amazon can be used for market research by analyzing books in your market to understand customer interests, benefits, and problems.

  • What is a customer avatar?

    — A customer avatar represents the common characteristics of your best customer, including demographic, geographic, and psychographic details.

  • How can Google Trends be useful for market research?

    — Google Trends provides an overview of interest in a topic, helping understand what people are looking for and the exact keywords they use.

Timestamped Summary

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    Learn 5 proven market research strategies to identify and reach your ideal target market, which is crucial for business success in today's competitive world.
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    Identifying and understanding your target audience is essential for successful marketing, as it can greatly enhance effectiveness and profitability, while neglecting this can lead to business failure.
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    Use Amazon to analyze books in your market and gather information on customer interests, benefits, and problems to inform your marketing strategy and create an ideal customer avatar.
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    Download HubSpot's market research kit for templates and guides, and use Think with Google search to access data on your audience, market segments, and affinity to understand their interests and purchasing behavior.
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    Google Trends is a powerful tool for understanding what people are looking for and the exact keywords they use, while effective competitor research involves categorizing competitors into four groups to avoid ignorance and complete imitation.
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    Identify and analyze your direct competitors, indirect competitors, colleagues, and future competitors to understand their offerings, communication style, pricing, and differentiation strategies in order to effectively position yourself in the market.
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    Focus on customers who are willing to pay and analyze their common trends and characteristics, use their feedback to create tailored content and marketing messages, or utilize a market research tool for instant feedback.
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    Using Google AdWords or social media ads can help test different marketing elements to find the most successful combination, while learning about psychological triggers and biases to influence customers.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "How To Do Market Research! (5 FAST & EASY Strategies For 2023)" by Adam Erhart
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