Podcasting for Disaster Management Consultants: Expertise Positioning Tips

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "The Truth About How To Position Your Expertise" by Josh Spector
TLDR Podcasting can be a valuable tool for disaster management consultants to market their services and connect with their audience, but it's important to have clear goals, an actionable approach, and a strong social media strategy.

Key insights

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    Building relationships through content creation can be just as valuable as gaining clients or learning, and should not be overlooked.
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    Understanding the potential audience size is crucial in deciding whether to start a podcast or not, as it should align with your goals.
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    A podcast can be a trojan horse for building valuable connections and learning from experts, even if the audience is small.
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    Making a podcast actionable makes it more valuable to listeners.
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    It's crucial to have a through line message that connects all podcast episodes and to consider what effect you want to have on your listeners.
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    People overpay for social media management and underpay for social media strategy, which is a controversial take.
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    Having a plan for an earthquake can save lives and money, while not having a plan can cause disasters and problems.
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    Don't sell the tactics, sell the results - "You're selling your pain point is you don't have a plan. Now you're going to have a plan."
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    Positioning your expertise should involve understanding the emotional reasons why people hire you, and using that to transform them from insecure to confident, worried to excited, and proud to praised.

Timestamped Summary

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    Podcasting can help disaster management consultants market their services and have open conversations about best practices and global impacts.
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    Determine your goals and potential audience size before starting a podcast to decide if it's worth pursuing.
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    Take 3 steps to help prevent forest fires, make your podcast actionable and know your audience, and consider the emotions and actions you want your listeners to have.
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    Emphasize the importance of social media strategy to attract ideal clients and focus on results rather than changing minds.
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    Positioning yourself in the market is key, and understanding your prospect's perception is crucial to success.
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    Define Point A and Point B for clients to create valuable transformation.
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    Clarity and emotional appeal are key when selling emergency management services, so review your messaging and website to ensure it reflects what you're selling and focus on how you can help your audience.
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    Don't be scared, submit questions for future episodes.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "The Truth About How To Position Your Expertise" by Josh Spector
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