SMS Marketing: Top 3 Hacks & Strategies

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "How to do SMS Marketing | Top 3 Hacks & Strategies" by Davie Fogarty
TLDR SMS marketing is a highly effective and lucrative channel for business growth, and it can be utilized through strategies such as obtaining explicit consent, using pop-ups, QR codes, Instagram, and providing valuable content to avoid looking spammy.

Success Stories and Case Studies

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    Real-world examples, such as Gary Vaynerchuk's success with SMS marketing for his business, can demonstrate the potential of this strategy in turning a business around.
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    Gary's implementation of SMS marketing, called WineText, helped revive a declining business and shows the potential of SMS marketing as a powerful tool for businesses.
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    By adding a simple footer in your email template inviting subscribers to join the SMS club, you can easily convert your existing email list into SMS subscribers and significantly grow your reach.
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    Sending shipping notifications and requesting reviews through text messages can be an effective way to engage with customers and potentially increase ROI.
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    Turning SMS conversations into a potential payment platform is a massive direction in eCommerce, allowing customers to make purchases simply by texting back with a hashtag and charging their credit card without going through a checkout process.
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    Email and SMS marketing are essential for businesses as they allow the business owner to own the list and data, preventing them from losing out on money.

Compliance and Security

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    Compliance is crucial in SMS marketing, as obtaining permission from recipients is essential for success.
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    Victoria Secret got sued for 5 million US dollars for being noncompliant with SMS marketing regulations, highlighting the importance of obtaining explicit consent from users.
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    The speaker avoids using a certain well-known SMS marketing alternative due to concerns about a data leak, highlighting the importance of trust and security in choosing a platform.
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    The speaker recommends using OptiMonk for its granular page targeting capabilities and beautiful templates.


  • How can SMS marketing boost business growth?

    — SMS marketing can boost business growth by reaching a targeted audience and generating higher open rates compared to email marketing.

  • What is the importance of obtaining explicit consent in SMS marketing?

    — Obtaining explicit consent is crucial in SMS marketing to ensure compliance with regulations and avoid legal issues.

  • How can pop-ups be used in SMS marketing?

    — Pop-ups can be used to collect email addresses, offer discounts, and encourage customers to join the SMS club, increasing subscriber base and revenue.

  • What strategies can be used to avoid looking spammy in SMS marketing?

    — To avoid looking spammy, it is important to decrease message frequency, provide valuable content, and personalize messages based on customer behavior.

  • How can SMS marketing and email marketing boost profit margins?

    — SMS marketing and email marketing can boost profit margins by reaching a targeted audience, owning the data, and generating higher conversion rates.

Timestamped Summary

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    SMS marketing is highly effective in boosting business growth, as demonstrated by Gary Vaynerchuk's success with WineText, where sending SMS blasts with daily deals outperformed an email list of 400,000 people by more than nine times.
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    The speaker shares their background in SMS marketing, their motivation to pursue their own business, and their near-death experiences that influenced their decision.
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    The speaker learned SMS marketing by offering to do email marketing for free, leading to a job offer, and mentioned influential figures in webinars and content creation.
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    SMS marketing is a lucrative channel that requires compliance and permission, with the importance of obtaining explicit consent and using pop-ups to collect email addresses and offer discounts for joining the SMS club.
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    Utilize pop-ups as a valuable SMS marketing strategy, strategically targeting least engaged individuals without disrupting others, and convert email subscribers into SMS subscribers to rapidly grow your subscriber base.
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    Use QR codes on packaging and Instagram to offer hidden discount codes and encourage customers to join your SMS club.
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    Utilize Instagram stories and highlights to drive traffic and create pre-populated messages for SMS marketing, while being mindful of frequency, building trust, and providing valuable content to avoid looking spammy.
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    SMS marketing is valuable for business owners as it allows for targeted audience reach and data ownership, with potential developments including automated replies, opt-out options, and the ability to make purchases through text messages.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "How to do SMS Marketing | Top 3 Hacks & Strategies" by Davie Fogarty
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