Become a Mobile Developer: Expert Tips & Strategies

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "How to Become a Mobile Developer" by Kenny Gunderman
TLDR To become a mobile developer and land your first job, focus on native development for Android or iOS, gain hands-on experience, build a portfolio, and apply for mobile jobs after 6 months of learning and building personal projects.

Key insights

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    If you're serious about becoming a mobile developer and landing your first job, it's important to listen to the full video as it provides valuable information and guidance.
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    In terms of career growth, it doesn't matter whether you choose Android or iOS development in the United States, as both can lead to a successful career.
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    The best way to start learning mobile development is by taking free courses offered by Google and Apple, specifically designed to teach the basics of Android and iOS development respectively.
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    Building a portfolio with personal projects is essential for landing your first job as a mobile developer.
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    Learning the basics of git and showcasing your work on GitHub or a personal website is a non-negotiable requirement for aspiring mobile developers.
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    Learning best practices is crucial for mobile developers, and both Android and iOS have extensive documentation on architectural and UI best practices.
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    Spending time building personal projects and creating a solid portfolio is the fastest way to learn mobile development and grow as a developer.

Timestamped Summary

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    Focus on native development for Android or iOS to become a mobile developer and land your first job, as cross-platform technologies may result in subpar applications without a strong understanding of native development.
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    To become a mobile developer, it is important to have a Mac or a PC running Mac OS, but it is not recommended to use a hacked version of the Mac OS on a virtual machine.
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    Consider user base and willingness to spend money on app store when choosing between iOS and Android development; start learning Android development with free courses offered by Google.
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    Develop iOS or Android apps, gain hands-on experience, and problem-solving skills through resources like books, tutorials, and YouTube channels, such as Brian Vong's Let's Build That App, to become a mobile developer and build a portfolio for job opportunities.
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    Learn the basics of git, build a portfolio on GitHub or a website showcasing your apps, as having a developer portfolio is essential to land your first mobile dev job, although it may not matter as much after you've already gained experience.
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    Learn best practices for mobile development, such as architectural and UI guidelines, from Google's documentation for Android and Apple's Human Interface Guidelines for iOS, and integrate them into your personal projects.
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    Apply for mobile jobs, create a portfolio, and mention interviews to increase chances of getting hired; spend 1 month learning basics, 4-5 months building personal projects, and start applying for jobs after 6 months.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "How to Become a Mobile Developer" by Kenny Gunderman
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