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Rick and Morty Writer: Ryan Ridley
This is an AI-generated summary of a YouTube video "Rick and Morty Writer: Ryan Ridley" by Y Combinator!

The key idea of the video is that the creators of Rick and Morty use their comedic abilities to put their own spin on classic stories and movie tropes, while also striving for originality and leaving viewers invested in the show's reality.

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    The speaker's epiphany to do stand-up comedy was influenced by his dad's ownership of a comedy club, and he later created the sci-fi fantasy comedy show Rick and Morty with his friends.
    • The speaker didn't know what he wanted to do until he had an epiphany to do stand-up comedy, which was influenced by his dad who owned a stand-up comedy club.
    • Growing up, the speaker had the opportunity to see famous comedians like Jim Carrey at a premier comedy club, where he had a memorable experience with his friends.
    • Jim Carrey started doing stand-up comedy before the internet era, moved to Chicago to find his comedy voice, and met fellow comedians like Kumail Nanjiani, TJ Miller, Pete Holmes, Kyle Kinane, and Matt Braunger.
    • Rick and Morty is the exact show that the speaker was fantasizing about at 20 years old, a sci-fi fantasy comedy that he was able to create with his friends.
    • The speaker talks about how he got into making comedy videos and how he met a fellow comedian who showed him how to edit on a computer, leading to the creation of several videos together.
    • Channel 101 is a democratic film festival created by Dan Harmon and Rob Schrab to showcase videos and allow the audience to vote for their favorite shows among the ten submitted.
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    Moving to a big city with serious comedians can help improve your comedy skills, as seen in Channel 101.
    • Moving to Chicago, LA, or New York and being around serious people who push you to get better is key to improving in comedy, as seen through the speaker's experience in Channel 101.
    • Submitting a rejected video made the speaker work harder and eventually led to getting a TV show and friends who are also employers.
    • The sci-fi elements in Rick and Morty are inspired by iconic sci-fi genre movies and TV shows of the past 50 years, as well as occasional high-fi books and the encyclopedic knowledge of one of the writers.
    • TV shows introduce new characters or plot elements and explain them through external explanations.
    • The show combines different references in a patchwork style to avoid being a spoof of any one thing.
    • The idea of identifying parasites through positive memories was a result of good old-fashioned writing ingenuity in the third act twist of the episode.
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    Rick and Morty creators strive for originality, but sometimes miss references and scrapped a concept involving gods going in and out of a carrot.
    • The episode titles are inconsistent and often puns with famous movie titles.
    • Rick liquefies an entire civilization to create a delicious dipping sauce in order to illustrate his character.
    • The original concept for the characters in the world of the gods involved them going in and out of a carrot, but it was eventually scrapped due to similarities to an episode of The Simpsons.
    • The show creators wanted to avoid making references to other shows and instead create something unique.
    • The team missed a reference to South Park's Freddy Krueger character in an episode they were working on, causing them to feel like hacks.
    • It's difficult to determine if a creative idea is original or not, and while there are websites dedicated to TV and movie tropes, there are only so many ideas in the world and it's possible to unintentionally replicate someone else's work.
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    Rick and Morty puts their own spin on classic stories and movie tropes, with unique gadgets and collaborative character design.
    • Rick and Morty often takes inspiration from classic stories and adds their own spin, such as in the episode "A Rickle in Time" which was a mystery episode with a compressed movie-like storyline.
    • Rick and Morty takes on classic movie tropes in their own unique way, referencing specific movies in some episodes without necessarily spoofing them.
    • Rick turns himself into a pickle and gets trapped in a mundane situation, forcing him to use basic ingenuity to figure out how to get out.
    • The gadgets and technology in Rick and Morty are often based on visual references from video games and movies, but the focus is more on creating unique and distinct designs for the aliens and their world.
    • Collaborative effort in designing characters for Rick and Morty, with specific anatomical features and serious consideration for planet origins.
    • The writers of the episode had different interpretations of the size of the characters, causing confusion during the writing process.
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    Season 3 of Rick and Morty has intriguing ideas and consequences, leaving viewers invested in the show's reality.
    • The debate over the size and appearance of characters in an episode is important, but eventually resolved and forgotten.
    • The process of storyboarding and revising in animation can lead to rewriting the script and redrawing scenes.
    • The staff of the show struggled to create a satisfying episode due to their lack of expertise in science and mathematics.
    • Morty wears short shorts and Rick makes fun of him in a scene that breaks the fourth wall.
    • Season 3 of the show has intriguing ideas and consequences, with people invested in the reality of the show and wondering about certain characters.
    • The speaker suggests that they may have already created a virtual reality simulation for an animated comedy show, but they are unsure if they can get funding for it.
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    The Rick and Morty VR game lets players experience the show's world, including a knockoff version of Roy.
    • The Rick and Morty virtual reality game allows players to experience the show's world in a unique way, including a scene where they play a knockoff version of Roy within the game.
    • The speaker forgets what the characters look like in Rick and Morty and the Roy thing is an easter egg in virtual reality, which is driven by Adult Swim.
    • The speaker had input on the DVD special features for Rick and Morty, including debates on what to include, but had less involvement in other aspects such as merchandise and the VR game.
    • The speaker suggests that using a Meeseeks box instead of a clone Morty in the Rick and Morty video game would have been a more interesting and visually appealing option.
    • Writing a pilot for a TV show is hard, but finding something to play with, like writing Morty when he's angry, can be funny and enjoyable.
    • The speaker is developing different shows and seeing what sticks.
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    Create videos about climate change and expose the myth that it's a hoax using communication skills and comedic abilities.
    • The speaker doesn't have any ambitions to make a career out of YouTube but is considering making videos for fun and to talk about different things.
    • The speaker wants to use their communication skills and comedic abilities to create videos about climate change and expose the myth that it's a hoax.
    • Create what you really want to create because now is the best and worst time to be a genre writer.
    • Make the stuff that you want to watch and just for yourself, and hope that it resonates with an audience of millions, as that's how you make money.
    • The popularity of the show Rick and Morty can be attributed to the combination of Dan's brilliant writing and Justin's hilarious voice, the cathartic nature of the Rick character, the relatable family dynamics, and the visually stunning animation.
    • The Hendron not circular design is visually beautiful and appeals to a wide range of demographic voting blocs.
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    House of Cosby's was a hit show in 2005 featuring a guy cloning Bill Cosby, while Ryan Ridley does live streaming shows about Rick and Morty and writing.
    • House of Cosby's, a show where a guy clones Bill Cosby, debuted in January 2005 and became popular, while Jack Everlasting did not.
    • Ryan Ridley does about 10 to 15 live streaming shows, including "I don't feel like writing today," "Law and Abed," and "Late Night with Ryan Ridley," where he answers questions about Rick and Morty and writing.
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Rick and Morty Writer: Ryan Ridley
This is an AI-generated summary of a YouTube video "Rick and Morty Writer: Ryan Ridley" by Y Combinator!