Affiliate Marketing: 4 Steps to $900/Day

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "How To Make THOUSANDS Weekly With Affiliate Marketing" by Hamza Ahmed
TLDR Affiliate marketing is a legitimate and profitable way to make money by promoting products and earning commissions, and it can be achieved through consistent content creation and utilizing social media platforms.

Strategies and Tactics for Affiliate Marketing Success

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    "I actually really would recommend affiliate marketing...I think it would serve you well if you're a complete beginner."
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    Affiliate marketing allows you to sell someone else's product without the need for your own product, sales page, or customer service, making it a convenient and profitable option.
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    "If you're going to mention a good product, you should just get paid for it. You should like you're helping sell it."
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    ClickFunnels has a very good affiliate program, with the potential to earn significant income, as evidenced by someone making $80,000 a week or month from their affiliate video.
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    Leveraging influencers' content for affiliate marketing can be easier and more effective than creating your own, as you can use their content to sell their products and earn money for yourself.
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    Affiliating for influencer products is probably the best way to make money in affiliate marketing, especially if you're already an influencer yourself.
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    The best way to get people to click on your affiliate link is through social media, particularly by using the TikTok method of posting influencer content that performs well.
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    One person was able to make $250 in just one day with affiliate marketing, showcasing the potential for quick financial success in this field.

Success and Freedom in Online Business

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    The fact that Jeffrey was able to continue building on his initial success and eventually end up in Thailand shows the freedom and flexibility that can come with a successful online business.
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    The idea of achieving financial freedom through an unknown business model is intriguing and inspiring.
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    The business model of affiliate marketing allows influencers to make money by simply mentioning and promoting products they already like, even if they don't directly profit from it.
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    Creating a winning video that performs well and generates sales can become a valuable asset that continues to bring in sales regularly.
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    "You don't even need to make the content in the sense of like you know you don't need to be the one on camera because the beautiful thing of this which I am surprised more people don't do." - It is surprising that more people don't take advantage of the fact that you can create successful affiliate marketing videos without being the one on camera, allowing for more flexibility and potential success.

Misconceptions and Comparisons in Affiliate Marketing

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    "There is a common limiting belief that affiliate marketing is a pyramid scheme, but it's simply a refer-a-friend system that many universities and car companies also use."
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    Multi-level marketing schemes, unlike affiliate marketing, are considered more of a scam because they require recruiting new people and making money from their sales, creating a trickle-down effect where only those at the top benefit the most.


  • What is the key idea of the video?

    โ€” The key idea of the video is that affiliate marketing is a legitimate and profitable way to make money by promoting products and earning commissions.

  • How did Jeffrey discover affiliate marketing?

    โ€” Jeffrey discovered affiliate marketing through Amazon and made his first dollar by sharing an affiliate link for a water bottle.

  • Is affiliate marketing a legitimate business model?

    โ€” Yes, affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model that has been used by companies like Amazon and PayPal for years.

  • How can affiliate marketing benefit beginners?

    โ€” Affiliate marketing can benefit beginners who feel directionless by providing them with a program to learn and earn money through promoting products.

  • Can affiliate marketing transform your life financially?

    โ€” Yes, if you make $1,000 per month through affiliate marketing, it can completely transform your life financially.

Timestamped Summary

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    A man achieves financial freedom through affiliate marketing after struggling with various online business models, including YouTube, while working night shifts at a homeless shelter.
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    Starting with affiliate marketing can be a game-changer, allowing you to sell products without the need for your own, and earning commissions from sales.
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    Affiliate marketing is a legitimate and profitable way to make money by promoting products and earning commissions, with the goal of helping viewers make $1000 a month, and it is different from pyramid schemes and multi-level marketing.
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    Affiliate marketing on platforms like TikTok can generate consistent income by aiming for 10,000 views on each of your 10 videos, with each successful video serving as a valuable asset that continues to generate sales.
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    Affiliate marketing is a powerful way to make money by promoting influencer products, but it's important to generate clicks on your affiliate link by utilizing social media, being honest about being an affiliate, and avoiding impersonation to avoid legal action and promote scam products.
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    Selling influencer products as an affiliate marketer is effective, reposting their content on platforms like TikTok and YouTube shorts can generate traffic, use AI software for editing, promote on TikTok shorts and Twitter, write a Twitter thread about product benefits.
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    Post content with your affiliate link on one social media platform, focusing on the platform that generates the most sales, and consistently post multiple times a day to increase chances of earning money through affiliate marketing.
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    Improve your content and post consistently to succeed in affiliate marketing, where you can earn $250 per sale and connect with others in the field through Adonis school.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "How To Make THOUSANDS Weekly With Affiliate Marketing" by Hamza Ahmed
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