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The video provides various tools and strategies for earning passive income, including personalized poems for subscribers, short episodes for Kindle, mystery book access, book chapter generation, and self-publishing on Amazon.

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    Learn how to earn passive income with gpt.chat, a free AI tool taught by Raúl.
    • Learn about a new and simple method to earn passive income while you sleep, which has been successful for many people and is being shared for free.
    • Raúl teaches a free way to earn money from home using an artificial intelligence tool called gpt.chat.
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    A tool is available to write a poem for YouTube subscribers.
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    Amazon's Kindle Candle uses short episodes to capture readers' attention in a world where attention spans are decreasing.
    • Short videos like TikTok and YouTube shorts are popular because our attention span has decreased over time, and they quickly provide entertainment or information.
    • Amazon's new way of capitalizing on people's lack of attention is through the Kindle Candle, which tells stories in short episodes to catch readers' attention.
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    Learn how to use the Galaxy Exchange tool to access episode 1 of a mystery book for free, and generate five incredible titles for a mystery book in Spanish.
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    A tool can create chapters for a book based on selected topics and write the text for each chapter live.
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    Use KDP Amazon to auto-publish your stories for free and earn up to 70% of the royalties, plus a monthly bonus for uploading content to the platform.
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    To start a story, click the button and enter the title, author name, and upload an image from a free image website.
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    Use a tool to write a story, publish each chapter, and earn money by clicking "publish" or following an effective strategy taught in a video.
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