Reasons for Getting Fired and Relocating

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "why i got fired (& i'm moving)" by Trent Dressel
TLDR Getting fired can be a catalyst for personal growth and the pursuit of new opportunities.

Key insights

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    "My first year in tax sales was 77,000 and my final year working in Corporate America. Tech sales. At age 26 I made 303,000 of verified income."
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    The speaker's success in their sales role was attributed to their willingness to make more cold calls than their colleagues, emphasizing the importance of persistence and hard work in achieving professional growth.
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    "I realized hey maybe money will fix that maybe success will fill that void inside of me."
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    The speaker's passion for their work and desire to help others ultimately led to their dismissal from the company.
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    The speaker emphasizes the importance of cold calling and their dedication to it, positioning themselves as a top performer in terms of making cold calls.
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    "I truly am only interested in being better than I was yesterday, who am I going to compare myself to."
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    "Everything you wanted was taken from you maybe that's actually the best thing to ever have happen to you."
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    Gratitude can turn any circumstance to our advantage, even when things are taken away from us.

Timestamped Summary

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    The speaker got fired from their tech sales job and is moving to Denver, Colorado for a fresh start, discussing their job loss and financial situation.
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    The speaker reflects on being mistaken for a food delivery guy, leading to their realization of unemployment, and shares lessons learned and the reason for their firing after moving to different states for a successful sales career.
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    The speaker explains how he got fired and decided to make a change in his life by starting a YouTube channel and moving to a new location to focus on his success.
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    The speaker got fired from his job because of his passion for helping others, and now he's moving to focus on his YouTube channel and prove his success.
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    Despite achieving success in cold calling and closing $1.54 million in revenue, the speaker reflects on being fired, leading to self-reflection and the realization that people are not as focused on them as they believed.
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    Getting fired has made the speaker prioritize self-improvement and taking career risks, as they realize that people's opinions and the comparison game are not worth their energy.
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    Being fired made the speaker realize the value of taking risks while young and consider starting their own company.
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    I'm grateful for the experience of being fired because it has taught me to turn any circumstance to my advantage and learn new things about myself every day.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "why i got fired (& i'm moving)" by Trent Dressel
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