20+ Easy Ways to Use ChatGPT AI in Daily Life for Free | #DATAZO

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "🚀 CÓMO USAR ChatGPT en tu VIDA DIARIA + 20+ ejemplos [FÁCIL y GRATIS] | #DATAZO" by Pablo Molinari
TLDR The video showcases various ways to use the GPT chat AI system for tasks such as generating recipe options, gift ideas, game ideas, Instagram post ideas, and even creating a travel guide for Mexico City, without requiring any programming knowledge.

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    Learn how to use GPT chat, an AI system, for various purposes without any programming knowledge required.
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    Chat GPT is an AI that can talk like a human, but it cannot search the internet and may not always provide accurate answers.
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    Get a five-day menu of typical Argentine food by asking chatbot GPT to suggest dishes based on your preferences. 💚 Enjoy a vegan version of a five-day menu with typical Argentine dishes, including seitan milanese, empanadas, and lentil chorizo, with the option for a restricted 1500 calorie diet and a corresponding shopping list. 🍳 Generate multiple recipe options with limited ingredients by using a simple method of combining them in different ways. 💝 Get original gift ideas for your girlfriend by asking chat GPT to suggest options like a spa session, surprise trip, romantic scene, professional photo session, weekend in a cabin, extreme adventure experience, or personalized board game. 💰 Discover 10 original gift ideas for less than $5, including handmade greetings cards, personalized keychains, and bouquets of wild flowers.
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    10 game ideas for children aged 6-8, including memory games, card games, construction games, guessing games, treasure hunts, and puzzles. 🏠 Ideas for outdoor games, sleepover activities, and room decorations. 🍞 10 Instagram post ideas for a family artisan bakery, showcasing bread-making process, freshly baked goods, family members, helpful tips, giveaways, and recipes. 🚗 Ideas for Instagram posts for a car repair shop, including before and after photos, maintenance tips, behind the scenes, success stories, and promoted offers. 🌊 Stay safe on the water by wearing a life jacket, checking the weather, being aware of your limitations, and bringing enough water and food.
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    An AI writing tool can help create YouTube video scripts on various topics, including small electrical repairs, experiments, product reviews, and expert interviews. 🦊 Tito the fox discovers a cave full of beautiful objects while exploring the forest. 💬 The chatbot GPT can adapt to different styles and formats, from children's stories to mathematical theorems. 🍵 Praising mate as a delicious and loyal morning beverage. 🔊 A resident is requesting the consortium to address excessive noise caused by a neighbor, affecting their quality of life and other residents in the building. 📝 Cervantes wrote an email in Latin, asking the consortium administrators for their thoughts on unfamiliar topics.
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    Change the bobbin on a tap by turning off the water supply, disassembling the tap, removing the old strap, cleaning the area, and putting in the new string.
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    A two-day travel guide for Mexico City can be created using GPT chat, while GPT-3 is a powerful tool that may lead to job displacement in the future.
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    SpaceX successfully launched and landed their Falcon 9 rocket, marking their 100th successful mission.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "🚀 CÓMO USAR ChatGPT en tu VIDA DIARIA + 20+ ejemplos [FÁCIL y GRATIS] | #DATAZO" by Pablo Molinari
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