From Tier 3 College to Google SDE: How to Prepare for Interviews

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Service Based to Google SDE | How did she prepare for Interviews" by Fraz
TLDR With consistent effort, preparation, and showcasing problem-solving skills, it is possible to transition from a Tier 3 college to top companies like Google.

Key insights

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    "Learn by doing" approach at Crio allows aspiring software developers to gain practical experience by working on real-world projects, similar to building applications for companies like Amazon, Netflix, and Swiggy.
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    Sometimes a little pressure is necessary to accelerate learning and growth, even if it means experiencing hard times.
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    Having a fixed schedule and dedicating specific hours for studying every day, even sacrificing social activities on weekends, was crucial for her preparation.
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    The interview process for Google SDE positions heavily focuses on data structures and algorithms.
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    Getting job calls in the beginning can be challenging and demotivating, but with time and persistence, the calls will start coming.
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    The interviewee's consistent practice and dedication to coding, including pushing code on GitHub every day, played a significant role in her preparation for the Google interview.
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    "I used many DSA Sheets. I used your DSA Sheet as well. There were a lot of good questions. Everything was covered."
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    "I knew that I have to reach somewhere and I knew my work will pay off."


  • How did the speaker transition from a Tier 3 college to working at Google?

    — The speaker shares her journey and discusses how she prepared, managed her time, made her resume, and served her notice period.

  • What was the focus of the speaker's college in terms of hiring?

    — In a Tier 3 college, the focus was on mass hiring companies like Infosys and TCS, with no emphasis on development or DSA.

  • What did the speaker do to prepare for interviews?

    — The speaker focused on DSA Algo and SQL, got an internship opportunity, and continued to practice DSA Algo even after getting a job.

  • How did the speaker transition from a service-based company to Google?

    — The speaker discusses the coding test, interviews, and the lack of a training period in the process of transitioning to a Google software development engineer position.

  • How did the speaker attract recruiters on LinkedIn?

    — The speaker showcased problem-solving skills, achievements, and relevant projects in their bio, which attracted recruiters, especially for companies like Google.

Timestamped Summary

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    Archy shares her journey from a Tier 3 college to Google, discussing her preparation, time management, resume, and notice period.
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    Despite a lack of coding culture in her college, the speaker shares her journey of preparing for interviews, emphasizing the importance of DSA Algo and SQL, securing an internship, and continuing to practice even after getting a job.
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    The speaker prepared for Google interviews by practicing DSA Algo and using Crio for mentor support and building a GitHub portfolio, ultimately finding a job at Google with a higher salary and moderate difficulty in the interview process.
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    The speaker faced challenges in her previous job, but after 2-3 years, decided to switch to Google and prepared for interviews by studying, managing time effectively, and prioritizing studying over distractions.
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    Effort is key in cracking interviews at top companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, and the speaker in the video shares tips on how to get calls for job interviews and prepare by showcasing their lead code and GitHub profiles, as well as their knowledge in ML and AI, and emphasizing problem-solving skills.
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    The speaker prepared for Google interviews while working, consistently practicing coding and studying various topics, eventually receiving an offer after multiple rounds of interviews.
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    Use DSA Sheets and practice daily to cover topics comprehensively, showcase problem-solving skills on LinkedIn to attract recruiters, and be prepared to answer questions about progress and knowledge in areas like DSA during interviews.
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    Keep working hard and don't get demotivated, as there are ways to switch from service-based to product-based companies and companies are often flexible with notice periods.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Service Based to Google SDE | How did she prepare for Interviews" by Fraz
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