GPT 4 Upgrade: Powerful Code Interpreter & Data Analytics

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "GPT 4 Got Upgraded - Code Interpreter (ft. Image Editing, MP4s, 3D Plots, Data Analytics and more!)" by AI Explained
TLDR The video showcases various data analysis and visualization tools, including the powerful capabilities of the code interpreter plugin and the potential impact of increasing median age on industries, while also discussing concerns about GPT-4's potential as an AGI.

Key insights

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    The ability to "travel into the data" and explore it in a 3D space is a wild and beautiful feature of the upgraded GPT-4.
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    GPT-4's ability to create interactive time series with range sliders and selectors can revolutionize data visualization and analysis.
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    GPT-4's data analytics capabilities are so advanced that it can potentially change jobs and industries.
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    GPT-4 can now interpret code, edit images, create 3D plots, and perform data analytics, raising questions about the future of human labor in these fields.
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    GPT 4 with code interpreter can now do image editing, MP4s, 3D plots, data analytics and more!
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    GPT-4 can solve complex math problems from an image and is even better than Wolfram Alpha.
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    GPT-4's code interpreter plugin can do advanced math functions like division and character counting, raising the question of what we would use Wolfram Alpha for.
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    The code interpreter in GPT-4 can generate visualizations and data analysis with no direction, even producing a distribution of prime numbers up to ten thousand.


  • What are the powerful capabilities of the code interpreter plugin?

    The code interpreter plugin can analyze various file types, generate QR codes, and perform optical character recognition.

  • How does increasing median age impact industries?

    Increasing median age can have a potential impact on industries, requiring them to update overnight upon the release of the code interpreter plugin.

  • What can GPT-4 do as an AGI?

    GPT-4 has the potential to encode secret messages into images using steganography, raising concerns about its abilities as an AGI.

  • How has the global median age changed over time?

    The global median age has steadily increased from around 22 years to over 38 years in 2023 and is projected to continue rising to approximately 44 years by 2100.

  • What are the impressive capabilities of the code interpreter Alpha version?

    The code interpreter Alpha version can perform tasks such as text-to-speech, video editing, and solving math problems from images, making it a powerful tool for data analysis and visualization.

Timestamped Summary

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    The code interpreter plugin has powerful capabilities, including QR code generation, requiring industries to update overnight upon release. 🌍 An interactive 3D scatter plot using gapminder data highlights the median age of over a hundred countries from 1950 to 2100, showcasing potential impact on various industries. ⏰ Wait at least 30 seconds, sometimes longer, before moving on to the next task.
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    The global median age is steadily increasing due to longer life expectancy and lower fertility rates.
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    Alpha version of code interpreter has impressive data analysis and visualization capabilities, while Mid Journey version 5 of Chat GPT can do basic video editing.
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    Speaker sent 231 CVs, had 12 phone interviews, 3 face-to-face interviews, and 1 job offer which was rejected, visualized data with Sankey diagram. 🤖 GPT-4 can encode secret messages into images, raising concerns about its potential as an AGI. 💻 Python code can be executed in a stateful device with output or timeout after 120 seconds, while text-to-speech can be played with even if it denies it.
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    A tool that creates a tree map of letters in a quote and solves math problems from images is claimed to be better than Wolfram Alpha, while radial bar plots are a beautiful way to visualize data, as shown by the example of life expectancy in the US.
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    India's life expectancy gradually rises, China experiences a drop in the 60s and 70s, and the US has a continual ascent with a slight dip in 2020, projected to reach 90 by 2100.
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    Using OpenCV, an AI can select the foreground of an image, but it still struggles with recognizing details accurately.
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    GPT-4's code interpreter improves math accuracy, handles large CSV files, and creates beautiful map visuals, but AI won't replace all data analysis and visualization.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "GPT 4 Got Upgraded - Code Interpreter (ft. Image Editing, MP4s, 3D Plots, Data Analytics and more!)" by AI Explained
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