Unleash ChatGPT's Potential with Limitless Excel Data!

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Transform ChatGPT into any Expert with Unlimited Excel Data!" by Tech-At-Work
TLDR Demonstrate how to fine-tune ChatGPT using specific data, such as sentiment data from Twitter, to create an expert model that can classify the sentiment of tweets.

Key insights

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    Fine-tuning with specialized data, such as tweets or personal information, has a lot of potential for creating customized AI bots that can provide sentiment analysis or other specific tasks.
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    Google Collab is an easy-to-use tool for creating chat bots and fine-tuning programs.
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    Mounting your Google Drive in Google Colab allows you to save files and access them later, preventing them from being deleted when the session ends.
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    Using pandas program can clean up CSV files, making them readable for OpenAI's program.
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    OpenAI CLI can analyze and make necessary changes to the data, such as converting CSV to JSONL and removing duplicate rows, to ensure the program can read it accurately.
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    The cost of using different models in ChatGPT varies depending on their complexity, with Ada being the cheapest and fastest option.
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    It is possible to save and resume the fine-tuning process on OpenAI servers, allowing users to shut down their computers and continue where they left off without having to start the process from the beginning.
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    Including more examples in fine-tuning can improve the accuracy of the model according to OpenAI's recommendation.


  • How can fine-tuning ChatGPT with specific data benefit responses?

    — Fine-tuning ChatGPT with specific data allows for cheaper and more accurate responses.

  • What is the process of fine-tuning a program using Google Collab?

    — The process involves three phases: raw data collection, data cleanup using pandas, and fine-tuning using OpenAI CLI.

  • How long does training on Curry, an advanced model, take?

    — Training on Curry takes about 26 minutes, but the cost depends on the amount of data used.

  • Can multiple people fine-tune data simultaneously?

    — Yes, multiple people can fine-tune data simultaneously.

  • How can a fine-tuned model be used in Gradio?

    — A fine-tuned model can be used in Gradio to generate text based on user prompts and hidden context.

Timestamped Summary

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    Fine tuning ChatGPT with specific data makes it an expert on any topic, using sentiment data from Twitter to train a bot to classify tweets as positive, neutral, or negative.
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    The speaker demonstrates how to fine-tune a program using Google Collab, involving three phases of data: raw data of tweets and their sentiment classification, data cleanup using pandas, and installation of necessary programs and obtaining the open AI API key.
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    To access and save an Excel file in Google Colab, mount your Google Drive, create a new folder, define the file path by dragging the CSV file into the Drive, specify the location, define a data frame using pandas to read and clean up the Excel sheet, and download the cleaned data without indexing it.
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    The third phase of transforming ChatGPT into an expert involves using OpenAI CLI to format and clean up the data for fine-tuning.
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    Training on Curry takes about 26 minutes, use Ada for fastest and cheapest option, define and create training file, load it into code, fine-tune model with specified data and OpenAI's models, adjust epochs to avoid underfitting or overfitting, and print the fine-tuned model variable.
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    After fine-tuning a model on OpenAI's servers, you can check the status and cost using the provided ID, and easily resume the process by installing openai and audio, importing them, linking the openai key, and checking for updates in the status line.
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    Test a fake tweet against a fine-tuned model to classify sentiment and demonstrate text generation using Gradio.
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    Fine-tune your Excel data into a model that determines the sentiment of tweets, and OpenAI recommends including at least a few hundred examples for better accuracy.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Transform ChatGPT into any Expert with Unlimited Excel Data!" by Tech-At-Work
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