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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "How to get 1.5m organics with just content - TWIDM EP35" by Indexsy
TLDR Hiring high-quality writers and editors, focusing on high-quality content, and utilizing various marketing strategies can lead to organic growth and success for content and SEO agencies.

Key insights

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    With 910 candidates for a hiring process, manually going through each application would be impossible, highlighting the need for efficient tools in the hiring process.
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    Posting content on and multiple Facebook groups can significantly increase organic reach and engagement.
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    Case studies are highly popular and effective on YouTube, with the potential to generate significantly higher views compared to other types of content.
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    Majority of people are bad writers, so it's important for writers to constantly learn, evolve, and strive to be better to make space for those who are actually good at what they do.
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    The strategy of publishing more high-quality content can lead to significant organic growth, as demonstrated by the success of bringing projects from zero to 100K and achieving 1.5 million organics a month.
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    Fighting in a relationship is normal, even in a startup co-founder relationship, but it's important to find healthy ways to resolve conflicts.
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    Transparency is key in a co-founder relationship, as making things as transparent as possible can help resolve 90% of the problems that arise.
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    They have shifted their focus to SAS companies in the beginning stages of their HR process, recognizing the value of long-term customers who are less likely to churn.
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    SEO is becoming the number one acquisition channel for the speaker, indicating its effectiveness in driving organic traffic and conversions.

Timestamped Summary

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    Hiring high-quality writers and editors is crucial for SEO and content agencies, as AI content is not yet reliable, and automating the evaluation process can help hire the top candidates; using tools to filter job applications is also valuable; the speaker shares their process of hiring someone for content creation and recommends posting on and Facebook groups for organic reach.
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    The speaker discusses the hiring process for a video editor, the success of case study videos on YouTube, and the potential impact of AI on the writing profession.
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    Writing good content is crucial for success as a writer, and the speaker shares their experience of growing their content marketing agency to achieve 1.5 million organic views per month by focusing on high-quality content and increasing content velocity.
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    The business model for getting 1.5m organics with just content involves a combination of project management, SEO, and per article payment, with the speaker preferring to remain bootstrapped and hesitant to introduce investors into their software business.
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    Using Twitter for writers can improve writing, convey personality, and connect with others; creating an account and posting a single tweet can lead to organic growth and business opportunities, especially in the male-dominated SEO space; Nick Jordan's personal brand and engagement on multiple platforms are highlighted; tactics for gaining engagement and followers on Twitter are recommended; the CEO's SEO expertise and contributions to company success are emphasized.
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    The team members have conflicts due to different personalities, but seeking outside help and prioritizing communication can resolve conflicts and achieve common goals in co-founder relationships, while the speaker aims to develop their product and shift the market conversation towards testing people first, and mentions ideas for product development and focusing on SAS companies in the beginning stages of their HR process to reduce churn.
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    The company is focusing on organic growth through podcast and newsletter sponsorships, social media posting, and cold outreach, with SEO becoming the main acquisition channel and plans for future ads, while Nick is working on making his messaging more accessible and using shorter versions for cold emailing and LinkedIn Outreach.
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    The speaker emphasizes the need to test different industries and create shorter videos under 16 minutes on YouTube, while also promoting their LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook group for content SEO marketing and hiring discussions.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "How to get 1.5m organics with just content - TWIDM EP35" by Indexsy
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