Handling Customer Rejections & Building Sales Certainty - Andy Elliott

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "What To Do When A Customer Says NO - Andy Elliott" by Andy Elliott
TLDR Teach salespeople how to handle customer rejections and become successful by understanding customer certainty levels, overcoming objections, and building certainty in oneself.

Key insights

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    People knowledge is more important than product knowledge in sales.
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    "Within the first three or four seconds, you have to take massive control immediately."
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    In the era of the worst salespeople, there is a great opportunity to excel, crush the competition, and make more money in the car business than ever before.
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    Asking great questions is key to getting great answers and building rapport with customers.
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    Taking control of the conversation with customers allows you to gather more information and ultimately have more control over the situation.
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    Maintaining rapport and trust with the customer is crucial during negotiations and overcoming objections, as it can be easily jeopardized if combative or challenging behavior is displayed.
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    Saving the customer's time is crucial in the car buying process, as time is non-refundable and valuable.
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    When re-selling, it's important to maintain confidence and composure, even when the customer starts to fall apart or express uncertainty.

Timestamped Summary

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    Andy Elliott announces his return to YouTube and plans to release videos three times a week, while also teaching how to handle customer rejections and become a successful salesperson.
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    Understand your customers' certainty levels, overcome objections, and build certainty in yourself to close the sale even when they say no.
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    Take immediate control and show energy and a positive attitude when meeting a customer, handle objections with confidence, and focus on serving customers at the highest level to excel in sales and handle rejection effectively.
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    Ask great questions to understand your customers and guide them towards a purchase, taking control of the conversation and landing them on the right car before asking for their business.
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    Overcome customer objections instead of diverting; the deciding factor for car purchases is the car or the dealership's deal.
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    When a customer says no, it's crucial to rebuild certainty and trust by reselling the value instead of being combative.
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    Apologize for not being the right fit, remind them of their needs, and offer a solution to their financial and safety concerns.
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    When a customer says no, confidently re-sell the situation and convey enthusiasm, as the goal is not if they will buy, but when they will buy.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "What To Do When A Customer Says NO - Andy Elliott" by Andy Elliott
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