The Impact of TikTok and Similar Platforms on Human Degradation

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "TikTok и Co: симптомы человеческой деградации" by Andrii Baumeister
TLDR The growing popularity of TikTok and similar platforms is leading to the degradation of human intelligence, values, and culture, with detrimental consequences for education, employment, and public discourse.

Key insights

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    The power of TikTok is in the algorithm, which controls everything and forces participants to constantly increase production of videos in different areas, leading to concerns about the exploitation of children and the need for constant supervision.
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    The addiction to TikTok and other social media platforms can lead to deep psychological trauma and depression.
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    The author argues that social media promotes aggression, hatred, and scandals in order to increase the spread of information, even if it means attacking something for no reason.
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    Social networks turn normal intelligent people into neurasthenics and attract commentators based on the degree of intensity of aggression and scandalousness of material.
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    We need to think about how to preserve human nature and appearance in the face of technological advancements.


  • What is the impact of TikTok on young people?

    TikTok's growing popularity has led to children spending hours on the app imitating dance moves and creating short videos, potentially impacting their intelligence, values, and culture.

  • How are social networks used for unconventional purposes?

    Social networks like TikTok can be used for cultural and political analytics, as discussed by the speaker, who appreciates an article and numbers provided by Dasha Kozlova.

  • What is the connection between philosophy and social media?

    The speaker explores the impact of TikTok and other platforms on human degradation, highlighting the philosophical implications of this connection.

  • What concerns do parents and managers have about TikTok?

    Parents and managers are concerned about the young age of most TikTok users and the role of algorithms in controlling content production, as discussed in the video.

  • How do stars gain popularity on TikTok?

    Stars on TikTok gain millions of followers by creating short videos of themselves, often imitating dance moves or changing clothes in front of a mirror.

Timestamped Summary

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    The growing popularity of TikTok and its impact on young people, particularly children, is discussed, highlighting concerns about human degradation and the role of algorithms in controlling content production.
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    The speaker discusses the impact of TikTok and social media on the degradation of human culture and the shift away from traditional forms of art and music.
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    The rise of platforms like TikTok and YouTube has led to a shift in the production of cultural ideas and influences, causing a lack of recognition for new pop stars and disrupting the foundations of civilization.
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    TikTok and similar platforms are leading to the degradation of human intelligence and values, promoting superficiality, consumerism, and instant gratification over traditional norms and education.
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    TikTok and similar platforms are contributing to the degradation of human intelligence and meaningful discourse, as users become obsessed with mindless entertainment and exhibit symptoms such as an inability to concentrate and a lack of basic knowledge.
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    The speaker warns that platforms like TikTok are causing a degradation of human skills and knowledge, leading to disastrous consequences in education and employment, while also shifting control over public discourse and power dynamics.
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    The speaker criticizes the negative effects of social networks, emphasizing the importance of individuality and intelligence, and the need to use social media for promoting intellectual and cultural ideas rather than for monetization purposes.
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    The influence of technology and the virtual world is causing a loss of connection with the tactile world, leading to a decline in thinking and feeling, and it is important to prioritize preserving human connection and appearance.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "TikTok и Co: симптомы человеческой деградации" by Andrii Baumeister
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