Realization: A Conversation with Adyashanti & A H Almaas

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Living Realization a Conversation with Adyashanti and A H Almaas" by Diamond Approach
TLDR Realization is a subjective experience that involves a fundamental shift of identity, awakening to a deeper understanding, and living from that understanding in everyday life.

The Journey of Self-Discovery and Growth

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    The real journey of awakening is not just experiencing moments of realization, but sustaining and living from that understanding in all aspects of our lives, which requires humility and determination.
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    Being completely and absolutely honest with ourselves is difficult but vital for personal growth and awakening.
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    Honesty is the first step towards self-realization, but it's a journey that requires us to examine our experiences and reactions with clarity and without judgment.
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    Clarification and maturation are two important processes in spiritual growth, where the mind and consciousness evolve to become more capable of expressing the true nature of being.
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    Love is intimately linked with the ability to be honest with oneself and fully accept one's own humanity, which then allows for acceptance of others.
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    Awakening is not just about clarity and light in the head, but also about the awakening of the heart and belly, where love, tenderness, and nectar-like experiences can be felt and expressed.
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    The spiritual journey leads to simplicity, where one realizes that they are nobody and can find freedom in the ordinary moments of life.

The Nature of Awakening and Realization

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    Realization is a fundamental shift of identity that breaks free from rigid psychological and physical structures, allowing for a deep connection with all of existence or a sense of absolute pure awareness.
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    Awakening is like waking up from sleep, where you realize that reality is different and doesn't have the same conventional features.
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    The experience of awakening feels as though the whole world is woken up, challenging the notion of individual awakening.
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    Confused states of being are not satisfactory to reality, as they do not align with the awakened nature of human experience.
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    Realization is not a static endpoint, but a continuous journey of further realization, with many quantum leaps along the way.
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    The deep rest of not struggling or seeking in the conventional sense and the adventure and joy of existence always revealing itself.

Timestamped Summary

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    Realization is a subjective experience that involves a fundamental shift of identity, breaking free from constraints, and can vary in depth; it is about awakening, sustaining, and living from a deeper understanding, but is indescribable and requires humility and an ongoing journey of unfolding.
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    The importance of personal experience in understanding awakening is emphasized, along with the integration of spiritual teachings into everyday life, while the nature of reality and individuality in relation to awakening remains uncertain.
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    The speaker emphasizes the importance of addressing human concerns and struggles in discussing realization and shares that their experience working with students is always a good starting point.
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    Living realization involves both a transcendent upward movement and a downward movement of embodying and confronting unresolved psychological material, with the process of awakening involving recognizing and experiencing influences on consciousness and clarifying one's consciousness by questioning beliefs and delusions.
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    The process of clarification and maturation allows for the expression of true nature, while love and compassion are essential for understanding the human and spiritual heart in the awakening process.
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    To truly live life, one must embrace both emptiness and thinking, allowing for greater insights and understanding, while continuously developing and maturing our potentials without the need for perfectionism or rigid programs.
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    Consciousness is more fundamental than the brain and its quantum properties, and spiritual realization involves letting go of the ego and finding joy in the simplicity of existence.
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    Living realization is about embodying and living what you have realized, recognizing that even simple actions like drinking tea or shaking hands are the ultimate reality.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Living Realization a Conversation with Adyashanti and A H Almaas" by Diamond Approach
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