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Early stage founders should seek out advisors in their domain who can provide relevant anecdotes and solutions to help navigate the challenges of building a startup, and should take responsibility for incorporating advice into their decision-making process.

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    Finding advisors who are a few years ahead of you in the same domain is critical for early stage founders, as it can help you navigate the ups and downs of building a startup.
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    Working with fresh and experienced advisors who could share relevant anecdotes and solutions was more helpful than working with later-stage mentors.
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    These people were good for strategic thinking and idea feedback, but not as useful for specific recommendations or hiring advice.
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    Being a CEO is a tough job with unique responsibilities.
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    Create a concise summary of text by extracting key ideas and removing redundancy.
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    Take responsibility for your decisions and seek advice from multiple sources instead of relying on one person.
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    Incorporate advice and experiences into your decision-making process, as it is your responsibility to figure out how they apply to your situation.
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    Startups commonly offer advisors equity compensation of around 0.25-0.75% vesting monthly over two years, and it's important for CEOs to have advisors and mentors to help them on their journey.
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