Tech Industry in Crisis: Developers Need Trade Union

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "IT-индустрия мертва?" by Миша Ларченко
TLDR The tech industry is facing layoffs due to cost-cutting, and developers need to form a trade union to protect their salaries from competition.

Key insights

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    Despite the high demand for programmers, testers, and other IT professionals, the industry is relatively small compared to other global industries.
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    The IT industry experienced accelerated growth during the pandemic as businesses shifted online and the demand for programmers and testers increased.
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    The current situation in the IT industry is causing a lack of job opportunities and layoffs, giving the impression that the industry is dying.
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    Highly qualified developers are needed for supporting existing projects and adding new functionality, but the staff of such products is unlikely to grow rapidly.
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    The demand for developers may decrease, leading to a potential decrease in salaries or developers demanding higher pay.
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    It seems that there is a big boom in the IT industry in poor countries like Venezuela and Argentina, where people are eager to earn money and work decently.

Timestamped Summary

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    The tech industry is young and growing, despite recent layoffs.
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    Demand for programmers has increased due to the pandemic, but it is not the most profitable profession everywhere.
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    Companies are reducing costs, leading to a lack of jobs for juniors and experienced developers being hired instead.
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    Salaries of good developers will fall.
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    Form a trade union to protect developer salaries from competition.
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    Outsourcing from the former USSR region has decreased, but there is still outsourcing from other countries.
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    The pandemic has caused a surge in South America, leading to mass layoffs in the IT sector.
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    Local Dynamac can be used to defish images offline.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "IT-индустрия мертва?" by Миша Ларченко
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