Building the Metaverse: Revolutionizing Experiences, Gaming, and Commerce

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "The Metaverse and How We'll Build It Together -- Connect 2021" by Meta
TLDR Facebook (now known as Meta) is investing in building the metaverse, a virtual world that will revolutionize experiences, gaming, remote work, and commerce, with a focus on collaboration, inclusivity, and responsible development.

Immersive Technology and Experiences

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    The next platform and medium will be even more immersive, where we are in the experience, not just looking at it, creating entirely new categories that go beyond our current understanding of computers and phones.
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    The metaverse will allow for a sense of presence and communication that current technology cannot deliver, enabling people to truly feel like they are interacting with others in a virtual space.
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    The metaverse will enable richer experiences by adding new layers to the world that we can interact with, allowing creators and artists to connect with their audiences in new ways and bring them into shared experiences.
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    The Metaverse will enable people to do things that aren't even possible in gaming today.
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    Beat Saber has generated over $100 million in lifetime revenue on Quest alone, showcasing the success of a game that continuously releases fresh content and evolves the player experience.
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    The metaverse allows you to teleport not only to any place but also to any time, experiencing ancient Rome and witnessing the construction of historical landmarks like the Forum.
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    In the metaverse, learning will be transformed through immersive experiences, such as exploring the Great Barrier Reef or practicing surgery techniques in virtual reality.
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    Developers will soon be able to create mixed reality experiences that blend virtual and physical objects in the same space, allowing for the placement of persistent world-locked content like animated holograms or Instagram feeds in real environments.
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    Building the next-generation metaverse will require about a dozen major technological breakthroughs, including displays, audio, input, haptics, hand tracking, eye tracking, mixed reality, sensors, graphics, computer vision, avatars, perceptual science, AI, and more.
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    Neural interfaces combined with contextualized AI have the potential to translate neuro-motor signals into digital commands, allowing users to control devices with imperceptible gestures, unlocking unprecedented technology for AR glasses.
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    The ultimate promise of technology is to be together with anyone, to be able to teleport anywhere, and to create and experience anything.

Social Interaction and Connectivity

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    The metaverse is about building technology that is centered around people and how they experience the world and interact with each other.
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    Horizon is designed to make it possible for everyone to create and interact in the metaverse, allowing people to build worlds and jump into them with others, creating unique and immersive experiences.
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    The metaverse has the potential to connect people from all over the world, enabling activities like playing sports, training with experts, and participating in charity events together.
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    The ability to be present in the metaverse, whether as a hologram in a physical meeting or participating in discussions, has the potential to be a game changer, revolutionizing how people collaborate and interact in various categories of experiences.

Transformative Potential and Collaboration

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    The development of the metaverse should prioritize interoperability, open standards, privacy, and safety from the beginning to ensure responsible building.
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    Building the metaverse will require collaboration from creators, developers, and companies of all sizes, but it can unlock a massively bigger creative economy with opportunities and benefits we can't even imagine yet.
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    The future of the metaverse will be a collaborative effort, built by all of us, beyond the constraints of screens and distance.

Timestamped Summary

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    The metaverse is the next immersive platform that allows for virtual connections, personalized spaces, and seamless transfer of digital items, with Facebook building Horizon as a social platform for people to create and interact in this new virtual world.
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    The metaverse will revolutionize experiences, gaming is the entry point, with major platforms investing in VR and AR ecosystems, exciting game updates, upcoming music packs, and fitness opportunities, while remote work will offer a perfect setup and shared physical space.
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    Facebook is introducing new features and improvements to its virtual reality platform, allowing people to work from anywhere, learn about anything, and have valuable experiences in various categories in the metaverse.
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    Facebook aims to build the metaverse by supporting creators, offering low fees, and investing billions, with the goal of reaching a billion people, hosting digital commerce worth billions, and creating millions of jobs, while also providing more choice and continuity for users and exploring new ownership models for limited-edition digital objects.
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    The metaverse offers endless possibilities for commerce and monetization, but collaboration and openness are key in building it; Facebook is introducing the Presence Platform to enhance virtual reality experiences and democratizing AR creation through Spark AR.
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    Facebook emphasizes the importance of responsible development, inclusivity, and collaboration in building the metaverse, investing in research grants and programs worldwide, while also developing a new high-end VR product and improving avatars and mixed reality experiences.
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    Facebook is working on developing augmented reality glasses that will unlock immersive experiences in the metaverse, with advancements in technology focused on creating realistic avatars and intuitive controls, as well as AI capabilities for object identification and assistance.
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    Facebook, now known as Meta, is shifting its focus to building the metaverse, aiming to create a more immersive and interconnected platform that requires collaboration from creators, developers, and companies to bring to life.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "The Metaverse and How We'll Build It Together -- Connect 2021" by Meta
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