Boost User Engagement: Netflix's Strategy for Inactive Users

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Netflix Product Manager Interview: Inactive Users" by Exponent
TLDR Netflix is exploring ways to re-engage inactive users and boost user engagement through new features like a recap solution and quizzes, while also considering the potential risks and benefits of these strategies.

Key insights

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    Despite the lack of new features or major changes, there is no negative buzz or articles about Netflix, indicating a relatively stable reputation.
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    The goal is to get users' attention and spice up their experience on Netflix, ultimately making them happy and entertained.
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    The goal of a Netflix recap for inactive users would be to grab their attention and understand why they are inactive, potentially addressing the issue of boredom with the content.
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    Exploring the possibility of using throwback content to re-engage inactive users and reignite their excitement about the platform.
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    Bringing back canceled shows could help Netflix regain inactive users and attract new ones, leveraging the existing fan base.
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    Creating a buzz around users' Netflix Recap, whether positive or negative, can generate conversations and curiosity, prompting inactive users to log in and explore the content.
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    The success of Netflix's efforts to engage inactive users can be measured by tracking weekly active subscribers and their engagement with content.
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    The interviewee's approach of constantly referring back to the goal of increasing active users and considering if each feature helps meet that goal was powerful and effective.


  • How does Netflix define "inactive" users?

    — Netflix defines "inactive" users as those who have not logged in and watched at least one show.

  • What steps can a PM at Netflix take to re-engage inactive users?

    — A PM at Netflix can propose a game plan, evaluate the situation, and determine a starting point to keep users happy and entertained.

  • Can Netflix implement a feature similar to Spotify's "Wrapped"?

    — Yes, Netflix can implement a feature similar to Spotify's "Wrapped" where users receive a recap of their favorite content, which could generate buzz and be shared on social media.

  • What are the potential risks of implementing a Netflix recap feature?

    — One potential risk is that the recap feature could backfire if multiple people use one account. The goal of the recap is to grab the attention of bored users.

  • How can Netflix re-engage viewers through quizzes?

    — Netflix can introduce an "In the Mood" quiz to suggest new content based on user preferences. However, it may annoy some users and potentially decrease their experience.

Timestamped Summary

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    Define "inactive" users, figure out why they are inactive, and re-engage them to keep users happy and entertained as a PM at Netflix.
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    Disney Plus remains a dominant player in the streaming industry with no new competitors emerging, despite a slowdown in new content due to COVID.
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    Netflix could boost user engagement by implementing a "Wrapped" feature to recap users' favorite content, but it may backfire if multiple people use one account.
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    Use throwback content and previous data to revive old content and improve user experience, but consider the pros and cons of bringing back cancelled shows.
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    Netflix is trying to keep viewers engaged with new features like the "In the Mood" quiz, but it may also risk some users getting annoyed and missing out on content.
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    A Netflix recap feature, similar to Spotify's, could bring inactive users back to the platform and generate social media buzz.
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    Netflix is tracking user engagement with their new recap solution by monitoring weekly active subscribers for the first three weeks.
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    Focus on increasing active users by implementing creative solutions like Spotify Recap and Buzzfeed-inspired quizzes, while also measuring user quality and engagement through acquisition and retention metrics.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Netflix Product Manager Interview: Inactive Users" by Exponent
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