Prioritizing Purpose: Impactful Software Development | Ep. #245

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "What On Earth Is Happening - Episode #245" by Mark Passio
TLDR Software developers should prioritize purpose over profit, improve user interfaces, and promote ethical software development in order to positively impact humanity and accelerate the awakening of individuals.

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    Understanding the satanic mindset of software developers and the importance of software development in manifesting freedom and spreading truth, with updates on donation methods and enrollment for a seminar, and a call-in show for further discussion.
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    Software developers should adopt a more holistic mindset, prioritize purpose over profit, and improve user interfaces to create better software, while also being honest about their work and promoting it only when justified.
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    The speaker discusses the importance of user interface and user experience in software development, highlighting the lack of drag and drop functionality in the Windows version of VLC compared to the Mac version, and emphasizes the need for developers to prioritize creating apps that look and function more like native apps by utilizing the user interface provided by the operating system and following human interface guidelines.
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    Open source software developers should prioritize improving efficiency and integration, hack into big tech platforms to bring skilled individuals back, and communicate the importance of ethical software development for the benefit of humanity, while the limited availability and poor quality of open source software on app stores hinder its usability and favor proprietary software, and law enforcement and tax agencies in some countries use surveillance cameras to track individuals and enforce tax payments.
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    Developers in the software industry lack spirituality, but they have the potential to build intuitive software that can accelerate the awakening of humanity and positively impact the human condition.
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    Open source software often lacks the organization and user experience expertise found in company-developed projects, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing user experience and leveraging feedback to improve software.
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    The speaker emphasizes the importance of speaking the truth, prioritizing user interface and user experience in software development, evolving open source development, and invites others to join the development effort for the One Great Work network.
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    The speaker discusses the idea of creating a concise document based on natural law and objective morality, emphasizing gratitude, forgiveness, and the importance of understanding core principles and acting upon them.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "What On Earth Is Happening - Episode #245" by Mark Passio
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