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The video provides guidance on creating an Amazon affiliate online store for crossfit shoes, including website creation, product categories, and SEO techniques to increase traffic and generate sales.

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    Create an Amazon affiliate online store with Gpt. Chat and Hostinger's web hosting for fast loading, unlimited traffic, and free domain, with easy PayPal payment configuration and WordPress account creation.
    • Learn how to create an online store for Amazon affiliates using Gpt. Chat, even if you have no prior experience in website creation, with the help of this video tutorial.
    • Get a quality web hosting like Hostinger for only 2.59 euros a month to ensure your website loads quickly, has unlimited traffic, and comes with a free domain and safe https.
    • Select PayPal as payment method and apply discount coupon to get a yearly subscription for 27 euros instead of 125 euros.
    • Create a website with PayPal payment using Hostinger's easy configuration and select WordPress to create an account with an email and password.
    • Register your website's domain name for free and configure the location of your server using WordPress and your personal information.
    • Hosting configures everything for your website, including installing WordPress, configuring DNS, and setting passwords, so you can relax and focus on editing your website.
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    Create an online store for Crossfit shoes with GPT Chat's help, including essential sections like product categories, a blog, and a shopping cart, and update the site's language, title, and links.
    • Creating categories for an online store for Crossing shoes, including products for men, women, and children, as well as brands, with the help of GPT Chat.
    • Ask for a list of sections in an online store's menu for crossfit shoes.
    • The chatbot provides a list of essential sections for an online store selling crossfit shoes, including a homepage, product categories, a blog, and a shopping cart.
    • Change the language to Spanish, title the site as "Crossfit Shoe Store" and update the permanent links in the administration panel of the WordPress website.
    • Deactivate unnecessary plugins, delete unwanted entries and pages, and empty the trash to keep your website clean.
    • Create new pages for your website by adding content and publishing them through the administration panel.
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    Create a category of crossfit shoes for women on an Amazon affiliate store by setting up pages for different shoe brands and adding a navigation menu.
    • Creating a category of crossfit shoes for women by creating pages for different shoe brands and setting up a navigation menu for an Amazon affiliate store.
    • Learn how to edit the appearance of your website on WordPress by removing the header and adding a featured image using Google's creative commons images.
    • Add a menu to the website by clicking on "Add a link" and "Add submenu" to create a dropdown list of pages, and edit the links to display desired text.
    • The speaker creates dropdown menus for products and brands, centers the menu, adds a direct link to their domain, and creates a new menu for offers.
    • Use GPT chat to create content for an online store, including a brief paragraph and a list of advantages for Reebok crossfit shoes.
    • Learn how to turn your website into a store using the AAWP plugin for Amazon affiliates and start generating money.
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    Make money with Amazon affiliate business model by adding products to your website and using a plugin to direct customers to Amazon for sales.
    • Configure the plugin to show Amazon products, choose the number of articles and adjust the template styles to make it look like a store.
    • The Amazon affiliate business model involves creating a website, adding products from Amazon, and earning money through a plugin that directs customers to Amazon and rewards the website owner for any resulting sales.
    • The speaker's online barbecue website is positioned among the top three for the keyword "barbecues" and has products available for purchase.
    • Learn how to generate money by scaling up your website using GPT chat and a content creation plugin to write two-line texts for all pages of all brands.
    • Nike and New Balance both offer high-quality shoes with innovative technology and cushioning, including crossfit shoes, with secure traction and mobility, and a variety of styles available on their websites.
    • The speaker teaches how to apply the same strategy used in Reebok to other brands, but proceeds to quickly update all brands' web pages, including Puma, Reebok, and Nike, making them look more like a store.
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    Create a website for a crossfit shoe store with resistant and comfortable designs for men, women, and children, including a FAQ section and best-selling products.
    • The speaker modifies a button in a plugin and discusses the option to remove it for a cleaner look, while also discussing how to take advantage of men's and women's options.
    • Create a website for an online store selling crossfit shoes for men with a resistant and comfortable design to withstand intense workouts, using keywords to search for best-selling products.
    • The speaker discusses the questions people usually have before buying crossfit shoes and demonstrates how to create a website with FAQ and products for men, women, and children.
    • The crossfit shoe store offers a wide variety of shoes for men and women, with a call to action to place an order and a listing of the best-selling shoes.
    • Learn about building a business empire, top questions for a crossfit shoe store, and using GPT chat to recommend shoes.
    • Create a website with unlimited possibilities for sections, menus, products, and stores, including frequently asked questions and links to relevant pages.
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    Create a blog with GPT chat and generate sales by using a paid plugin called AAWP for Amazon affiliates, which costs 49 euros but can be purchased with a discount code (romu.TV) for 39 euros.
    • The speaker acknowledges the viewer's tiredness after more than 30 minutes of learning how to create a website with plugins, but highlights the progress made and proceeds to teach how to create a blog with GPT chat and generate sales.
    • The speaker recommends a paid plugin called AAWP for Amazon affiliates, which costs 49 euros but can be purchased with a discount code (romu.TV) for 39 euros, and notes that there are no good free options available.
    • To install the plugin, download the file, upload it to the WordPress plugins section, connect it to your Amazon affiliate account by entering your API key and secret, and register for Amazon affiliates to obtain the necessary information.
    • Create content that people search for on Google to attract potential customers to your store, such as writing detailed reviews of the best crossfit shoes on the market, providing tips for choosing the best shoes, and interviewing crossfit athletes.
    • Comparing two popular crossfit shoes, the Reebok Nano 9 and Adidas Ultrabus 21, both provide necessary stability, traction, and support, making them excellent options for crossfit enthusiasts.
    • Change category name to "blog" and add new entry.
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    Choose the best crossfit shoes by comparing Reebok Nano 9 and Adidas Ultraboost 21, and check out other options too.
    • Comparing Rebook Nano 9 and Adidas Ultrabus 21 crossfit shoes can help in choosing the best pair among the many options available in the market.
    • Learn how to use a plugin to create an article with an affiliate link for the Reebok Nano 9 cross trainer shoe, which can earn you money if someone buys it through your link.
    • The article compares the Adidas Ultraboost and Reebok Nano 9 crossfit shoes and provides a list of other crossfit shoes that may interest readers.
    • Add a blog category to your website by following the steps in the menu strip and save it to have a blog section on your website.
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    Focus on SEO techniques to position your website on Google and increase traffic for your Amazon affiliate website.
    • Learn how to add a featured image to your blog post by clicking "set featured image," uploading the image, and updating it.
    • Creating content using GPT chat is a useful tool, but to position your website on Google, you need to focus on SEO techniques such as using good titles, keywords, and attractive content.
    • Learn how to create an Amazon affiliate website and position it to earn money through SEO and increased traffic.
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