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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Payment Compass Webinar" by UC San Diego Budget & Finance
TLDR Payment Compass is a platform that allows individuals and companies to manage their payment information, including tax options and legal structures, in real-time and with transparency.

Payment Processing and Management

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    The webinar will include a Q&A section at the end to address all the questions from the participants.
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    The webinar will be recorded and posted online for those who missed it, ensuring accessibility and convenience for participants.
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    When determining where to pay taxes, individuals and companies must specify whether they pay taxes to the United States government or a foreign government.
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    The webinar also mentions the importance of selecting the correct legal structure and tax options for foreign individuals or entities when filling out payment information.
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    An email confirmation is sent to the payee to confirm the processing of their registration, providing reassurance and documentation of the transaction.
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    Payment information is updated every 10 minutes from Oracle, ensuring real-time and accurate data for users.
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    The slides from the webinar will be emailed to all attendees, ensuring they have access to the information shared during the session.
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    The Payment Compass platform allows users to filter and view pending or paid payments, providing transparency and control over financial transactions.

Registration and Account Setup

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    The registration process for payment through oracle is the most complex, requiring businesses to provide a lot of information.
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    The biggest change in Payment Compass is that employees, including student employees, should now update all their information through UC Path, not Payment Compass.
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    It is important for departments to verify if a student is an employee before directing them to update their information through UC Path or Payment Compass.
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    The payee will receive an email invitation to create an account for Payment Compass, streamlining the process of payment setup.
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    Payment Compass allows multiple users to manage a company's payment profile, enabling them to update registration and check payment status without relying on a single person.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Payment Compass Webinar" by UC San Diego Budget & Finance
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