Critique of Communist Ideals: Contradictions in Creating a Classless Society

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Eps 206 | KRITIK ATAS CITA-CITA KOMUNISME" by guru gembul
TLDR While communism aims to create a classless society and eliminate economic inequality, it contradicts the need for leadership and hierarchy, making it a utopian theory.

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    The speaker criticizes the popular conception of communism, emphasizing that it is often poorly criticized in Indonesia and that communism is a moral economic and social idea.
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    Karmas opposes the exploitation of the poor by the wealthy, discussing the concept of a classless society without economic inequality, drawing connections to historical examples and philosophical ideas.
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    Communism aims to eliminate class and hierarchy by abolishing religion and the state, creating a balanced society without rich or poor people where everyone's needs are fulfilled without conflict.
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    Humans have a unique and complex neocortex in their brain, which allows for high functions such as spatial ability and language, which evolved for cooperation and achieving goals.
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    Language evolved from a simple means of communication for meeting basic needs to a tool for accumulating knowledge and transmitting information, connecting people across time and space to create civilization.
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    Without the accumulation of knowledge and language, humans would only be slightly smarter or as smart as chimpanzees, and the creation of language requires mutual agreement within a community.
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    The formation of a car requires a hierarchy and leadership to coordinate the production of different parts, highlighting the criticism of communism's lack of initiative and acceptance of ideas.
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    Humans need language to create culture, which distinguishes them from animals, and without culture, there can be no civilization or accumulation of knowledge; however, communism's goal of a classless society is paradoxical as it contradicts the idea of a leader and hierarchy, making it a utopian theory.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Eps 206 | KRITIK ATAS CITA-CITA KOMUNISME" by guru gembul
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